City of Getafe (Community of Madrid)

The city of Getafe is included to the community Community of Madrid and to the province Madrid

Presentation of the destination

Getafe, Spain

Considered to be an industrial and commercial center of the southern region of Spain, the city of Getafe is just 14 miles away from the capital of Spain. This proximity to Madrid was instrumental in encouraging industrial development from the 20th century. Getafe is the location of the first aeronautical schools and military airport and it is often referred to as the seat of the military airbase. The Hills of the Angels or the Cerro de los Angeles that is within this city's limit is the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsular. With a population of over 175,000 residents, this city has a good transport system. Getafe enjoys a continental Mediterranean climate. The winters are cold with an average of 8°C during the day and below 0°C during the night. Summers are hot and humid with temperatures in July and August crossing 32°C. The currency used at Getafe is the Euro.

Points of interests / things to see

The Cathedral of La Magdalena in Getafe

The Cathedral of St. Mary Mardalene is the seat of Diocese of Getafe. Construction on this magnificent structure was began in 1549 and on completion this cathedral reflected Renaissance and the Baroque styles. Architects Alonso de Cavarrubias and Juan Gomez de Mora created a master piece as this cathedral was built on a Mudejar church from the 14th century. Explore the beautiful paintings on display of Velázquez, Claudio Coello, and Alonso Carbonell. The interiors are intricately decorated and as beautiful as the facade of this building. The altarpiece was designed by the architect and its sculptor was Alonso Carbonell. The work on this beautiful cathedral was completed only in 1645. During the 17th century, there was renovations carried out at the cathedral by Juan Gomex de Mora and it was only in 1770 that it was fully completed. Getafe's cathedral has three naves that are divided into three sections. The pillars reflect the Renaissance style of Doric columns. The main facade of the cathedral has a Baroque gate on the west wall that is flanked by a Mudejar tower. There was one more created in the 17th century to give it symmetry and character. The Cathedral of La Magdalena has been declared a national monument in 1958 and rates is considered an important cultural interest.

Cerro de Los Angeles

The hill called El Cerro de los Angeles is famous it is considered the geographic center of the Iberian peninsular. At the top of this hill is the chapel of Our Lady of the Angels and the Monument to the Sacred Heart. This hill is seen from the city and make a beautiful backdrop. The chapel we see today was built in the 14th century after the previous chapel was destroyed during the battles. This beautiful building was designed in the Baroque style. Richly decorated and the interiors had exquisite paintings by masters. The altarpiece is elegant, notice the four spiral columns and in the center the Virgin of the Angels and the spine is seen on the Crucifixion Canvas. John Maurat, the master carver created the beautiful carriage, but the dimensions were big and they were forced to expand the west front door which was restored in a modern neoclassical style that was the dominant style of the 18th century. The single nave and the barrel bault with the lunette blinds on the eastern platform is intriguing. The plan of this chapel is a Latin cross, but the apse is rectangular. The tower stands on the southwest end and it has a baroque spire. This location was the scene of numerous battles of the Spanish Civil War. Website:

The Prado Museum

The Prado Museum is considered to be one of the largest art gallery’s in the world. Located about 12 miles from Getafe in the city of Madrid, visitors will be impressed with the fine collection of arts on display. The building that houses this museum is spectacular has had several architectural improvements done to improve the layout of this museum between 1900 and 1960. Two new wings were added to the structure of this museum. With 7,600 paintings, 4,800 prints, 8,200 drawings, 1,000 sculptures and other art collections. The El Prado is one of the most visited museums in this country. Walk around the galleries and admire the collections on display of great masters like Diego Velázquez, Titian, Peter Paul Rubens, Hieronymus Bosch and Francisco de Goya. The 'Fall of Man' by Titian is one of the most popular canvas on display and the most viewed at this museum. Other popular artwork include 'The Holy Trinity' by El Greco, 'The Dog' by Francisco de Goya and the extraordinary collection of Bosch's artwork that he donated to this museum. The Prado Museum highlights the great talent of the Spanish painters to the world. Opening Hours: All days 10:00 to 19:00. Website:

Gastronomy and Shopping

Getafe is a beautiful city that offers a variety of splendid dishes to the visitor. The city has numerous stores and entertainments that are conveniently located inside the several shopping malls that are located on the central streets of Getafe. Walk around and browse through the stores at Centro, this is the oldest neighborhood in Getafe and it is located between Toledo and Madrid street. This commercial area is mostly pedestrian and the clubs and restaurants are found here. Browse through the several shoe shops, a paradise for the shopaholic! The cuisine at Getafe is similar to the whole country, the local produce plays a major role in the dishes that are cooked here though. The cocido madrileno, tripe a la madrilena or sea bream a la madrilena are popular dishes that are served in most restaurants. Chickpea stew, Spanish omelet and salads made of red cabbage are delicious too. Tapas bars can be found in all the shopping areas. Indulge in some churros, these are freshly baked 10 inch wafers served with melted dark hot chocolate. Vineyards of this country produce excellent wines, do try the Arganda del Rey, Navalcarnero or the San Martin de Valdeiglesias, you can't go wrong!

The Buen Retiro Park

Visit this beautiful park that is under twenty minutes away from Getafe. The Buen Retiro Park is one of the largest parks in Madrid and it belonged to the Spanish Monarchy, but it was made open to the public in 1868. Stretching out over 350 acres, this magnificent park was opened to the public. Explore the monuments, sculptures, galleries and the lake. Retiro means retreat and it was created as a retreat for the Royal Family. The park was originally laid out in a formal French style. The Museo del Ejercito is located in one of the only two buildings that survived during the Napoleonic Wars. This war museum showcases the military history of Spain. On display is the Sword of La Tizona and the cross that Columbus took him to the New World. The Casón del Buen Retiro is located in the other original building and has splendid works of art. The Lake offers a relaxing boat ride. The equestrian statue of King Alfonso XII, the creator of this park watches as you float pass the semicircular colonnade. The Palacio de Cristal is copied from the Crystal Palace in London and it hosts temporary exhibitions amidst lush foliage from Asia. Search for the sculpture that is dedicated to Satan in the rose garden, this is an unusual feature of this park.

San José Little Hospital

One among the old architectural monuments of Getafe, the San José Little Hospital was built in 1529 as a hospital. It was abandoned in the 19th century after the war, until 1970, when the Mayor of Getafe took the initiative to restored the building to its past glory and make it functional for a municipal office. Today, it is the center for most of the city council offices. Walk around and admire this historic building that was ascetically restored to maintain it original style. This building today is considered to be a cultural center.

A Cultural Experience

Bullfighting represents the culture of Madrid, take a twenty minute road trip to Madrid and experience this art form. Bullfighting is believed to have its roots from the Roman times, but the Spaniard Francisco Romero introduced the art of fighting bulls on foot in the 18th century. Las Ventas is the most famous bullring to visit and the bullfights are held during the months of May and June. Witness this show that pits the skills of the fighter against the bulls. Novillos is a bullfight that is meant for the family, and Goyesca is an intriguing presentation with period costumes.

The Debod Temple

The Debod Temple is testimony to the friendship between two countries. This 4 BC temple is from Egypt and when the construction of the Aswan dam threatened to destroy this ancient temple, it was gifted to Spain. The Madrid authorities dismantled this monument and transported it to the current site. It was reconstructed and opened to the public in 1972. The gods Amon and Isis can be seen inside the temple. The temple stands tall behind two gates that appear out of a shallow pond. The Debod offers a serene and magical experience as you are transported to another era and another world. A beautiful experience as they have skillfully blended ancient Egyptian architecture with modern building techniques.

The Flea Market

El Rastro is the largest flea market in Europe. Just 12 miles from Getafe, this markets covers several streets in Madrid. Sunday has a magical atmosphere as the market buzzes with activity. With streets of stalls, you could buy anything under the sun! Some stalls offer pet animals and birds on sale, others have rare stamps and books on offer. Clothing, shoes, crockery, electronics- you will find everything there. The Calle Ribera de Curtidores is the main street that offers the flea market service, an unforgettable experience! Timing: 9:00 to 15:00

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How to get there ?

Getting to Getafe

The Madrid-Getafe Airport is the closest to the city center of Getafe, it is just a ten minute ride by car. Driving from the airport is a good option, most international car hire services are at the arrival gate of the airport. The airport shuttle is available and they are regular and a cheaper way to get into the city of Getafe. The taxis run on the meter and it is a good option if you have many bags. The Madrid Cuatro Vientos Airport is under 10 kilometers away from Getafe. There are four highways that pass through Getafe, and two radials the A42 and A4. The M 45 and M 50 are the ring roads to Madrid. Getafe is well linked with excellent roads. This city has eight urban bus lines. These buses connect this city to Madrid and the surrounding municipalities. The railways system of this country has a good schedule interlinking Madrid with Getafe. The C3 line or the El Casar and Getafe Industrial and the C4 stations Las Margaritas-University, Getafe Sector 3 and Center Getafe are the lines that link Getafe. There are totally five stations and two of them interchange at Metro de Madrid.

Getafe city hall

City hall address
Ayuntamiento de Getafe
Calle Hospital de San José, 28901 Getafe, Madrid, Spain
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+34 916 83 43 68
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