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The city of Alcossebre is included to the community Valencian Community and to the province Castelló

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Sun and heavenly beaches in Alcossebre in Spain

The municipality of Alcossebre is part of the Valencian community in Spain, in the Castilian province. It belongs to the city of Alcala de Xivert. It is home to about 2,200 inhabitants in the center-east of the country, along the Mediterranean Sea. It is a small coastal village and one of the few Spanish coastal towns that has not been totally urbanized. It is located north of Peniscola Torreblanca and the south. Alcossebre is part of a beautiful natural environment, between mountain with flourishing flora and sea with turquoise waters. It includes sublime beaches (it is part of the Costa del Azahar), ranked among the most beautiful in Spain and exceptional natural reserves. This village is recently a target of choice for tourists looking for peace and sun. Its warm colored walls and Mediterranean climate will seduce you!

Points of interests / things to see

History and heritage

The architectural riches of the municipality of Alcossebre are immense and unmissable. Take the architectural group that unites the church of San Juan Bautista, the parish museum and the bell tower. The church San Juan Bautista was erected between 1735 and 1776. In the form of Latin cross, it is composed of three naves, two of which are occupied by chapels. Approved of baroque decorations, she received in 1996 a work by the painter Vicenter Traver Calzada depicting the timeless character of violence and cruelty. The Parish Museum, inside the church, has enabled the revival and renovation of many Christian art works (paintings at the church). oil, goldsmithery ...). As for the bell tower, whose plans date from 1783, it is the highest monument of the Valencian community. With its four floors, it stands on the right flank of the church and towers over its 68-meter high Corridor d 'Alcala. The region of Alcossebre is home to many hermitages. The Hermitage of Santa Lucia of the XVII century, located at 312 m of altitude on the San Benet mountain offers an incredible sight on the Columbretes Islands and the desert of Las Palmas. It brings together the faithful during pilgrimage organized on June 11 (Saint Benet) and December 13 (Saint Lucia). The hermitage of Calvare, in the typical architectural style of Valencian Baroque, offers his works representing the scenes of the Passion to the visitors. An area of ​​relaxation has been installed all around, for a break in a rural and atypical landscape very pleasant. Also worth seeing: the Chapel of Our Lady of the Abandoned, the hermitage San Anton but also high places like the Ebri Tower (496 m above the sea). > There are also remnants of the Medieval period, with the strong castle of Xivert. Based in the foothills southwest of the Sierra d 'Irta, its origin is Arabic and its reshuffles are under the influence of Christianity. With its imposing stone ramparts, its towers (including the Capicorb tower), and its Gothic chapel, the Château Fort de Xivert is grandiose. According to the urban legend, it would have been the place of the signing of the surrender of Muslims to the Christians of 1234. The door of St. John testifies to the heroic resistance of the inhabitants of the region of Alcossebre against the attacks of pirates in the XVIth.

Beaches of Alcossebre

The municipality of Alcossebre is spread over 10 kilometers of coastline. This wide area located along the Mediterranean Sea offers a wide variety of small and large beaches, lively or quieter, as well as small isolated coves. Most of them are equipped with all the facilities and services needed for rest and relaxation (rental of paddle boats, parasols and sun loungers). Carregardor Beach is the largest. The "Three Beaches" are an aggregation of three coves, offer the most intimate climate. Romana beach is recognized for its quality of home, it holds a blue flag. The beach del Moro is framed by rocky areas and the beach Manyetes offers its fine sand to the vacationers in search of tranquility. Sport is also on these sandy stretches with the beach of Las Fuentes, which hosts a nightclub championship beach volleyball. Inevitably, the beaches join the great natural parks of the region of Alcossebre. The beaches named "La Cala Mundina" and "La Cala de Ribamar" are at the heart of the Serra d'Irta Natural Park.

Natural parks

The Serra d'Irta Natural Park is huge and full of quality. This protected natural park spreads over several municipalities in the Alcossebre region, including Alcala de Xivert. It offers visitors beautiful scenery showing the meeting between the mountains and the sea. A lush flora and a rich fauna adorn this natural park. Witness to the era of the Crusades, the Serra Park of Irta is full of historical details following the geographic changes orchestrated in the Arab era. For example, the visitor can discover the "casetes of Volta" (reservoirs of water), the "Barraquetes de pastor" or the lime kilns. Another natural reserve, of a rather maritime order, is also visitable: it is about Columbretes. It includes four volcanic islands: Columbreta Grande, Ferrera, Foradada and El Carallot. It is an ideal place for divers to visit by its transparent waters and the sumptuousness of its seabed. The Duna is another unique place. Located between the beaches of Carregador and Romana, it is assailed by contrary winds giving it an irregular shape of moon and a disseminated flora. A wooden path allows you to visit these sand dunes, while protecting the natural regeneration of this reserve.

Sports activities and trekking

Alcossebre is a sporting municipality. It is possible to hike to discover the landscapes of Alcossebre and its surroundings. Several tours are offered by the tourist office to the public: the urban road of Alcalà for the architectural treasures of the region (1.5 km), the road of the creeks for the families (4 km, to visit the little corners of paradise), the belvedere road (12.3 km, average difficulty) leading in trails in the shade of pines, or for the regulars of the discipline the road ravines and peaks (12km) to reach the highest point of Serra d 'Irta, 572 m above sea level. In addition, a string of sports is proposed for that everyone can find the activity that suits them best! There are schools of sailing, football, nautical tourism ... You can even rent a boat for a trip to the Mediterranean ... Other beach activities await visitors in the summer season. The municipality of Alcossebre also hosts many sports events: running, mountain biking, biathlon, night hike, trail running.

Southern gastronomy

The gastronomy proposed in Alcossebre is typical of the Mediterranean cuisine: fruits and vegetables cooked according to the traditions of the region, fishes approved with olive oil. € | The tomato is truly the emblematic product of the municipality of Alcossebre: you will find it approved with all the sauces (camembert bocaditos with tomato marmalade â € |). You can discover typical dishes such as Rostit (rti), Tombet (meat fricassee), Peix Suquet (fish pot) or Olla (hot pot). For sweet lovers, succir suspiros, rollets of cullera or coca celesstial ...


Benefiting from the pleasant Mediterranean climate, the region of Alcossebre is particularly pleasant from the first beautiful days. Temperatures remain reasonable, even in winter! The sun is in the party all year round and its warm rays are softened by the sea air of the breezes of the coast. The rushes are rare and not very intense. But beware however in the summer months, known for their heat and heat waves, because the temperatures oscillate between 25 and 40 degrees! It is better to leave in the late spring and early autumn, often abandoned by tourists and where the climate is more bearable.

Good addresses

You can find many restaurants all along the 10 kilometers of coastline. All cuisines are offered (Chinese, Italian) but you will also find traditional restaurants offering typical dishes of the region. For example, visit the Can Roig seafood restaurant or the Restaurante El Pinar, which offers panoramic views of Alcossebre Bay ... Glaciers, bars and night clubs will liven up your excursion. The spirit of celebration and conviviality are two strong traits of the Spaniards. Always ready to enjoy the dance floors and terraces, this population is always in motion. The pace of life is different: indeed, do not try to go to the restaurant before 14h or 20h, you may find door closed. Do not forget to leave a tip, the Spaniards are extremely generous, they appreciate that we return the favor. The good mood is always at the rendezvous in this country!

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Surrounding towns

  • Alcalà de Xivert ~8 km
  • Torreblanca ~8 km
  • Alcossebre ~0 km
  • Les Coves de Vinromà ~15 km
  • Santa Magdalena de Polpís ~12 km
  • Torrenostra ~8 km
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  • Venta de San Antonio-Estación ~15 km
  • Torre d'En Domènec ~18 km
  • Mas D'en Rieres ~19 km

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How to get there ?

Getting to Alcossebre

The car remains the most used transport to go to Spain. To do this, you have to take the Pyrenean chain, either from the west with the Hendaye motorway, or from the east with Port-Bou, or via the main roads. winding mountain roads (cross the passes like Somport, Pourtalet, Envalira â € |) from France. Be careful with the signs: the signage is different! For Alcossebre, take the AP7 motorway to exit 44 Alcoceber (Alcossebre) / Torreblanca. The N-340 road also passes nearby. Spain is also very well served by airplanes: to get to Alcossebre, it is possible to reach the airport of Valencia or that of Manises and use the buses / a taxi to the village. A train station also allows you to reach Barcelona-Valencia: you will then have to take a shuttle bus. Indeed, the bus remains the cheapest way to move to Spain. You can also rent a car for the duration of your stay (about 40 € a day for a small city car).

Alcossebre city hall

City hall address
Ayuntamiento de Alcalà de Xivert Oficina Alcossebre
Avenida Valencia 68-A, 12579 Alcossebre, Castellón, Spain
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+34 964 15 73 76
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09:00 14:30
09:00 14:30
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