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The city of Davos is included to the canton Grisons and to the district Prättigau/Davos District

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Davos, a travel destination to advise

In the canton of Graubünden located in the high valley of the river Landwasser in Switzerland lies Davos. This charming little town in the east of this beautiful country is particularly known for hosting each year the World Economic Forum. But it has also become a premier tourist destination for all those who love winter sports. At an altitude of 1560 meters, Davos is reputed to be the highest city in Europe and has ski resorts that will make you slide all day long. Going to Davos, you can enjoy an exceptional offer of winter sports and indulge in the joys of skiing or snowboarding or sledding. So, discover now this pleasant destination where the air is pure and where splendid landscapes conceal buildings with deep architecture. If you do not know Switzerland, it's time to take a look.

Points of interests / things to see

A renowned ski resort

Apart from the fact that Davos hosts the World Economic Forum every year, the city is also known for being a great ski resort. It has a large number of beautiful trails that will allow you to enjoy the wonderful landscapes that surround the city. Whatever your level, you can climb on your skis or snowboard and climb the slopes at full speed. Five ski areas will offer you the best of what is happening in winter sports. Whether you go to Parsenn, Jakobshorn, Pischa, Rinerhorn or Schatzalp, you will find your happiness and have a great time. With more than 300 km of ski slopes, you will have fun for long days, whatever your level. It is not for nothing that Davos is known as a dream destination for all lovers of winter sports. And if you prefer cross-country skiing to ski skiing then you will find just as much your happiness. 110 km are indeed reserved for cross-country skiing and will allow you to discover the sumptuous Swiss mountains at a slightly less sustained pace. Depending on your preferences, you will therefore prefer one sport to another, or even switch between the two if you wish. The facilities in the resort are very efficient and you can move within it without any worries. Davos deserves a lot of eldorado status for skiers and snowboarders. The environment has been exploited to perfection, and even the hikes will be a pure pleasure. Who does not like to take the phone and slowly climb to the top while contemplating the white tablecloths that cover the mountains? Moreover, the company of aerials which supports the tracks, Bergbahnen Davos-Klosters, makes sure of the quality of the tracks. No obstacle will therefore come up against your pleasure, and even the most demanding will be satisfied with the offer. Davos is therefore a must-see destination for skiers. Skaters will also be delighted to learn that Europe's largest natural ice rink is in Davos. The show is pretty impressive, and you can skate in unique conditions. Two other artificial ice rinks are also present on site, so you will be spoiled for choice. The toboggans also have a space reserved since three tracks are intended for the practice of luge. Absolutely everyone can have a great time in Davos and find what he needs. The most extreme athletes in search of challenge will undoubtedly be tempted by the descent of Parsenn. The most experienced sliders will be delighted to take up this challenge. Over 12 kilometers with a gradient of 2 kilometers, this track is a pearl for all the serious sportsmen. If extreme sport is not your cup of tea, you can go on a ride in a trolley. Here again, we are blown away by these spaces and we appreciate every moment spent contemplating them. Whether you are with family or friends, Davos is an absolutely perfect destination for an unforgettable winter holiday.

Sumptuous and unforgettable landscapes

In addition, if you feel a little tired of the constant animation that reigns in the center, you can still discover the valleys of Sertig, Dischma and Monbiel. Less crowded, these landscapes are equally impressive and enjoyable, and you can breathe the pure mountain air in complete tranquility. The valleys are perfect for retiring and resting a bit after having run down the slopes at full speed. Do not hesitate and think at least go for a ride, because they are worth a look. Your stay in Davos will not be reduced to downhill, and a whole bunch of other activities will be available to you. Throughout the year, bars, casinos and other restaurants are open. If you like to party, Davos will do the trick. The choice in bars and nightclubs is rather consistent, and clubbers will be able to wiggle all night on the dancefloor. Beer lovers, for their part, absolutely have to go for a drink at the Monstein brewery. This brewery is the highest in Europe and the first demonstration of Canton Graubünden. It is therefore an emblematic place in the region that will appeal to anyone who likes to taste a good beer in optimal conditions. More than 140 restaurants are also on site, and the finest gourmets will be able to enjoy delicious dishes. The offer of gastronomy is complete and you will find something to satisfy your hunger without any worries. After all, what better than a good meal after being spent all day on the slopes?

A rich cultural life

In addition, cultural events are regularly scheduled and hopefully you may fall on a festival rich in shows and concerts of quality. For example, jazz days welcome big names and you can enjoy high-level performances. On another note, a pig race is held every year at the New Year, which is quite fun and entertaining. A charity gala, Wild girls on show, is also organized and hosts some rather interesting artists. Very regularly, you will also be able to attend sports events such as the Ice Hockey Spengler Cup, which will delight fans of this sport. A Davos is also home to the Kirchner Museum, which boasts an impressive collection of works by the expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. The most beautiful creations of the artist are preserved. The toy museum in Davos also offers a magnificent collection and is one of the most beautiful museums in Europe. Visiting this building, we can observe the evolution of the toy through the ages. , from the eighteenth century to the present day. The toy museum is aimed at all audiences and young and old alike will be fascinated by the collection. Anyone who loves old objects will be able to visit the history museum which houses a large quantity of artifacts sometimes dating back several centuries. A bit less original than the toy museum, but just as interesting. The City Hall, built in 1564, is also a nice building to visit, if only for its ancient architecture. If you are tired of a physical activity a little too intense, it is possible to change a few occupations and discover the dynamic cultural life of Davos.

Davos, capital of leisure

For family fun, there's nothing like an amusement park. That's good, because the Madrisa Land will open its doors during your stay in Davos. On the program, a large number of attractions that will entertain young and old. A zip line 200 meters long, the Flying Fox, will give you the impression of flying a brief moment. A 70-meter toboggan will take you a bit of speed. The legendary tower will stimulate you both physically and mentally. The Madrisa Land is an original amusement park with quality attractions that will make you have a great day. As you can see, Davos is a first class destination to spend his holidays. Its countless activities will allow you to enjoy every moment of your stay without ever getting bored. Sport, festivities, culture, gastronomy, everything is there to leave with memories full of the head. In both summer and winter, the city is always dynamic at all times. However, plan a fairly consistent budget. Davos is frequented by tourists with a well-filled wallet and the prices charged are quite high. So do not be surprised if the rates seem high.

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How to get there ?

Getting to Davos

Davos is very well served by trains. Wherever you go in Europe, you should be able to reach the city without any difficulty. The Glacier Express rail line is ideal for traveling to Davos quickly. It connects St. Moritz to Zermatt. During your trip, you will be able to contemplate the magnificent Swiss mountains whose beauty will not leave you indifferent. Those who prefer the car can easily reach Davos by road. If you go to Davos by plane, you will have to go to the airport of Zurich, located at 2 hours by car. The trip will be a bit long but the rates are perhaps more interesting.

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