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The city of Alanya is included to the region Antalya and to the province Alanya

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Dream holidays in Turkey

You are staying between a cultural destination, a place of relaxation and a natural paradise? The peninsula on which the city of Alanya has found refuge should delight you. Alanya is located in the province of Antalya, the Mediterranean region of Turkey. There are few places where the vestiges of the past have the assets of a modern resort and sumptuous scenery. It is the case of this ancient city. Ideally based on a peninsula bordered by the Taurus Mountains to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the city is home to a story of extreme richness amidst dream landscapes and constitutes This makes it a tourist destination of choice for locals and foreigners alike. Formerly the essential stage of the Silk Road, this port is today a point of entry into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean as much as in the history of relations between the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean. ™ East and West.

Points of interests / things to see

A true journey in the history of Turkey

The city of Alanya, due to its peninsular location, has witnessed the great times of the great Eastern empires such as the Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Roman, Byzantine Empire. or Ottoman. Through its various monuments, it is in the footsteps of these civilizations that the city of Analya leads you. So it's no surprise that the city is full of historic jewels to discover. Fans of history and culture will appreciate this rendez-vous with the glorious past of a city whose remains have been remarkably well preserved. Come to discover the history of a city, and through it that of a country built in the heart of the greatest civilizations. Main monument of the city, the citadel of Alanya It extends for 6.5 kilometers with 140 tours and offers a visit through the Seljuk art where you can observe the ruins of some wooden bells dating from the Ottoman Empire. Visible from the beach surrounding Alanya, this imposing fortress dominates the bay and gives its unique cachet to the city of Alanya. From the "Alanya Castle", a building of the Seljuk period built in the 13th century under the sultan Alaeddin Keykubad I (hence the name). takes its name) from the old citadel bazaar via the Red Tower (Kule Kizil, erected in 1226), symbol of the city with its octagonal shape and formerly its point of defense, you relive the history of this oriental city. It will not be necessary either to penetrate within the different mosques, the square one of Kale rebuilt in the 16th century or that of Akbese Sultan. Another point of interest: the city's shipyard, or Tersane, one of the first shipyards around the Mediterranean. Some museums will delight the fables of history with the "Ataturk house" installed in a villa in which the famous head of state had stayed or a museum It is dedicated to the art of Anatolia and another devoted to remains found near the city. A museum dedicated to ethnography has also found its home in the Red Tower.

A bubbling local life

If cultural attractions are not a problem during your stay in Alanya, do not miss out on the city's current local culture. Festivals and sports activities are regularly organized by the municipality. Boat tours of the bay depart each morning from the marina. The 6-hour ride marks stopovers to visit places of interest such as some caves and leaves you free time at stopovers on white sand beaches such as Cléopá beach. be. Stroll along the streets of local markets that are bursting with life and bargains. Every Friday, Alanya opens a large artisanal market. The occasion for the visitor to browse authentic oriental objects, shisha and other rugs, or come and enjoy the scent of local gastronomic stalls. For a negotiation in local colors you will come back arms loaded with treasures and memories. Do not miss either to go down to the beach on foot, to be able to observe the small gardens surrounding the city. An aquatic center has also opened its doors near the center of Analya, which will delight families with children. In the evening, you will not have to look long to find entertainment . Alanya is indeed famous for its nightlife and the festive atmosphere that reigns there as soon as night falls. The city is full of places to come to entertain. Analya's many boutique hotels punctuate their restaurants and bars on the city's infamous evenings. To savor local or international cuisine, get closer to the Eftalia Aytur Hotel. Later, to have a drink and prolong your evening until dawn, test the beach of Cleopatra, the place is popular and known both foreigners and locals for its nightlife. If you want to know the surroundings of Alanya, it is possible to rent a vehicle and go to the surroundings, especially in the city of Antalya. Great city of southern Turkey built in 150 BC. J-C and the third most visited city in the world, it is the tourist capital of the Mediterranean part of the country. Shuttle buses connect the two cities regularly. Do not hesitate to try the getaway. For those who want to travel more locally, simply stop a "Dolmus" or public taxi on the road and ask them to drop you in town.

A spectacular nature

As you can see, the city is steeped in culture. What about nature? Between visits and cultural highlights, take a stroll around the city and enjoy the spectacle of nature in Alanya. Bordered by one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean, a white sand beach stretches for kilometers and gives its turquoise color to the waters that surround the city. . It is preferable to go to the beach of Cleopatra, some beaches of the city being too close to the main road. In order to explore the bay, let yourself be tempted by a boat ride from the marina. Behind the city, other nature and other atmosphere. The Taurus Mountains, covered with pines and crests, are washed away by several rivers with crystalline waters in which it is possible to bathe. Their flowered and constantly sunny hills give this landscape therapeutic virtues for the souls in need of well-being. After you get ready on the heavenly beaches, do not hesitate to go on a hike to enjoy the coolness of these mountains and admire the breathtaking views of the coast. the valley. Their presence near the sea often creates a light mist, which in turn leads to rainbows visible some mornings.

The peculiarity of Alanya: caves with medicinal virtues

They are one of the main natural attractions of the site. On the mountains or in the valley, canyons and caves will be the object of picturesque walks around the city. The caves, whose humidity can sometimes be close to 95%, are located near the beach of Cleopatra and reputed to shelter a particular air whose healing properties attract asthmatics . They are accessible from the sea and give the city its mystical side. To get there, choose the option of a boat ride along the bay. These tours are organized by the many agencies based in the city center. But it is quite possible to go there by one's own means. Once inside, you will not miss the turn by unraveling these wet natural vaults covered with stalactites, sometimes hidden behind a waterfall curtain on the outside, and always unsuspected behind the beaches of turquoise water. Alanya's surroundings are thus loaded with natural wonders to be discovered in an organized group or by one's own means. You will be able to diversify your activities according to the era, your needs of nature or freshness and your aspirations to recharge your batteries.

The sweetness of life: the Mediterranean climate

Analya enjoys the climate that floods most of the cities located along the Mediterranean Sea. It knows very hot and dry summers, especially during the months of July and August, while its winters are mild and concentrate low annual rainfall. This climate, favorable all the year, will allow you to come to join the wave tourist attracted by the beaches during the summer period or to capture the face of a more intimate quotation during the months of autumn and winter. For those who have the opportunity, it is recommended to wait for less warm periods to fully enjoy the riches of the city. For visitors wishing to venture there during the warmer months, the shade and coolness of the pines and other crests that cover the Taurus Mountains will undoubtedly be an oasis not to be born. gliger.

A highly tourist destination

Analya is a city that has developed strongly, with nearly 104,000 inhabitants, including 10,000 foreigners, most of whom are retired. Benefiting from a Mediterranean climate, numerous cultural spots and a striking nature, tourism has developed in Analya to the point of becoming its main industry. . Today, the city represents almost 10% of the Turkish tourism sector, showing the importance of the city in the national heritage. The advantage is that tourism is perfectly organized. Do not hesitate to ask for information from your arrival at one of the many tour operators in the city who organize tours of the monuments and the west coast of Alanya and jeep tours in the nearby Taurus Mountains. Be careful, however, to periods of high affluence that might scare the most solitary visitors in search of a purely authentic village. If Analya has preserved the soul of the ancient city it was, the city has spread far and wide, driving up prices for tourists and transforming little Just about the beaches and the architecture of the region. However, it is possible to escape by renting a car or choosing times of less affluence to take advantage of the assets of the city in a more serene atmosphere.

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How to get there ?

How to move in the city

If the city is full of things to see and discover, you still need to know how to get around to get the most out of it. Analya is located about 100 kilometers from Antalya and its international airport. Shuttles connect Antalya's bus station, accessible by taxi from the airport, and Analya approximately every hour for around 5 euros. But it is also possible to join Analya directly by taxi for a price of about 60 euros. Nearer, but smaller, Gazipasa Airport also serves the city of Analya. It is also possible to travel to the north of Cyprus from the port of Alanya, the shuttle runs twice a week for a round trip cost of about 70 euros. Once on the spot, it is recommended to rent a car to discover the surroundings but this one is not essential to the heart of the city since a network of mini -bus the sillone permanently, allowing visitors to share some moments of authenticity with locals coming and going in the city. If you want to go to a specific point, such as the Ottoman Cemeterie with the breathtaking view, located at the top of the citadel, do not hesitate to take a taxi, provided you haggle. To travel local color, do not hesitate to stop a "Dolmus" (pronounced "Dolmouche"), collective taxi that will drop you where you wish.

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