City of Kemer (Burdur)

The city of Kemer is included to the region Burdur and to the province Kemer

Presentation of the destination

Kemer, nature and sea

Kemer is located in the Gulf of Antalya, is a resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Until the 80s of the 20th century it was a quiet town dedicated to fishing, but in recent years it has become a regular holiday destination for tourists seeking good weather and quiet beaches. The original name of Kemer was Eski Köy, it received the name of Kemer when constructing itself great walls that protected to the city of the usual floods that underwent. The town was isolated until the middle of the 20th century, the only possible access was by sea. In 1960, the first road leading to Kemer was built. The climate in Kemer is typically Mediterranean, with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers. The time in Kemer is governed by the GMT +2 time use, the currency is the Turkish lira.

Points of interests / things to see

Sun and beach in Kemer

One of the main tourist attractions of Kemer are its beaches. The beaches of this area of ​​the Turkish coast are, in general, small coves formed by pebbles and rocks that attract the attention of the resulting beauty of the sea together with the nature of the area composed mainly of pine trees and small mountains. ± as. The beach of Tekirova stands out among the others for its size and its characteristics, 2 kilometers of fine sand in which to enjoy days of rest in the sun. Tekirova is considered one of the best beaches in Turkey. On this beach, in addition to swimming, it is allowed to practice water sports such as diving. Tekirova is usually very busy due to its size and sand composition, but those who prefer more tranquility can access any of the small coves near the city, composed of pebbles and much less requested. Kemer beaches have all the services to make visitors feel comfortable, the areas It's near the beaches are full of shops and restaurants.

The ruins of Idyros

The ruins of what is believed to be the ancient city of Idyros are located in the center of Kemer, very close to the port and Ayisigi beach. Idyros was in ancient times a strategic city in which boats used to make one of their stops to rest. Among the ruins of the city that can be seen today is a watchtower that was located in the port to control the approaching ships, built in the first years of the Roman Empire. The ruins of Idyros also have a small bridge and a basilica from the 3rd century and a Byzantine basilica that is characterized by colorful mosaics that decorate the ground with geometric shapes. In the southern area a Byzantine necropolis was found next to a small settlement of the classical era. Although there are discrepancies about the true name of the city found in the center of Kemer during the excavations that the museum of Antalya realized between 1976 and 1977, the currencies and the rest of objects that were in the complex, especially in the church, show that the old city was in use between the IV and VI centuries.

Yörük Park

The Yörük park is one of the obligatory visits to make when visiting the city, it is the symbol of Kemer. This park is an open-air museum that depicts the way of life of the Yörük people, a nomadic people who spent winters in Kemer benefiting from their good weather and summers in the Taurus mountains. /> In the park of Yörük still live some members of this town that has stopped being nomadic. It is possible to see a representation of the customs of the town, the artisans work the raw material and the women prepare the typical food so that the visitors can taste it. The main foods are gözleme, a kind of pancakes; sac böreky, puff pastry baked and ayran, a soft drink made of yogurt and can be tasted on the wooden tables while contemplating the landscape. The visit to the park is completed with a tour of the ethnographic museum where you can see many everyday utensils for the life of the Yörük people, as well as the clothes they produced naturally dyeing it with colors what nature gave them Website: Phone: +90 242 814 17 77 e-mail: info @ yorukparki

The markets of Kemer

All trips to Turkey must have a time reserved to enjoy their markets, in Kemer we will not make an exception. In these markets visitors can mix with the local people and see how they do their weekly shopping, observing the customs and the products of a market, they can learn many things about a town. In addition you can take advantage of the experience to buy typical products, leather articles and fabrics of great quality and low prices. In some market stalls women sell handicrafts, you can see them working live while making jewelry or knitting. The prices of fruit and vegetables can be clearly seen in all positions, and that is the amount that must be paid for them. However, to buy the rest of the products it is necessary to negotiate and bargain to get a good price. The Monday market is destined to food and household utensils, it is a perfect time to know the typical products of the region and especially the spices. Thursdays are the perfect time to buy clothes and fabrics. Market days: Monday (all products except clothes) and Thursdays. Market location: 131 street, near the marina and Hükümet street .

Hidirlik Tower

Hidirlik Tower is a mausoleum built in the vicinity of the city wall in the 2nd century BC, right at the confluence of one of the most important streets of Kemer, with the wall, and the sea. The tower was erected in honor of a Roman senator and his family. The tower had no funerary appearance, you could see it from the sea as if it were a watchtower and in the city it looked like a civil building more for the protection of the city. Until recently the true nature of the tower was not discovered, a mausoleum consisting of a square-shaped pedestal on which rises the 14-meter-high circular tower. This tower is one of the most popular attractions in the world. Significant of the Antalya route, it is kept in good condition thanks to the maintenance work that was carried out in the time of the Seljuk and the Ottomans. Currently inside the tower is one of the museums most important in the area, the archaeological museum. Climbing to the top of the tower allows you to get fantastic views of the entire city and also of the bay. Address: Hesapci Street, Antalya, Turkey.

Beldibi Cave

At the foot of the limestone mountains of Beydagi that extend to the sea is the Beldibi cave. The cave has been used as a refuge since the Paleolithic, although the most interesting remains are from the Mesolithic. On the interior walls of the cave, very stylized images were found. These images were painted using dyes made with manganese oxide. In addition to the drawings, small carvings made of pebbles and utensils made of skeletons that were believed to be used for excavation were found. The Beldibi cave is located approximately 52 kilometers from Kemer.

Olympos National Park

Kemer is located within the Olympos National Park, which covers the entire area surrounding the Bey Mountains that run parallel to the coast between Konyaalti Beach and the Kirlangiç peninsula. This area is very rich in fauna and flora and is a place where historical and natural values ​​are preserved to protect them for future generations. In the area that covers the park you can visit many ancient settlements with great architectural interest such as Alacasu, Phaselis, à ‡ alticak, Kindil à ‡ esme, Beldibi, Olympos and Göynük. In addition to the cities you can enjoy magnificent beaches where the forest and the sea meet.


Antalya, the capital of the province and one of the most beautiful cities on the Turkish coast, is located 46 kilometers away from Kemer. It is located on a cliff above the sea. The historic center of Antalya is in perfect condition thanks to the reconstruction work that was carried out when tourism began to arrive in the city. Among the most interesting historical buildings in the city are the wall, the clock tower and the Hadrian's Gate, built in the Roman era. The archaeological museum of Antalya is also a must. From Kemer you must take the D400 road to reach Antalya.


Isparta is known as the city of roses and is the capital of the province of the same name. Its lakes, its roses and the carpets that are made in the city are the three main claims of Isparta. The main monuments of the city are the ruins of the medieval fortress and the numerous mosques including Firdevs PaÅŸa Cami, built in the 16th century by the architect of the court. From Kemer you have to travel 173 kilometers to get to Isparta, to make this journey you must take the D400 road to Aksu and then the D685.

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How to get there ?

Kemer, well connected

By plane: the nearest airport to Kemer is located 10 kilometers from Antalya, 60 kilometers from Kemer. This airport receives international flights from the airlines Ural Airlines, Sunexpress, Condor, Transaereo Airlines, Germania, Metrojet, Primera Air Scandinavia, Atlas Jet, Air Bucharest, Aeroflot and Air Berlin among others. From the The airport can easily be reached to the center of Antalya taking bus number 600, which has a frequency of 30 minutes. By road: the D400 road runs along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey and connects Kemer with the other cities on the coast. To move to the interior you have to reach this road to Antalya, to the north, or Finike, to the south, and take the D650 and D635 respectively. Renting a car to travel along the coast or the Lycian route is a good idea not to depend on bus schedules. By bus: the company Dolmus makes frequent trips between Kemer and Antalya, Phaselis, Camyuva, Goynuk and Tekirova. In the city: Kemer is a small city in which It is easy to walk around. If necessary, taking a taxi is simple and cheap. The taxis use taximeter in which you can see the expense, the fares are divided into day and night.

Kemer city hall

City hall address
Kemer Belediyesi
Konak Mahallesi, 15090 Kemer/Burdur, Turkey
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