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Odessa, Ukraine

Odessa in Ukraine is an ancient city that goes back to the 13th century. Today's Odessa is a modern city that was created in 1794 by Empress Catherine the Great of Russia. This beautiful city was founded to be a link to Europe, it's architecture has a strong influence of French and Italian styles, it bares no resemblance to the gray communist block of Russia. Odessa attracted many artists from Europe, making it a cosmopolitan city. Odessa enjoys a Mediterranean type of climate. Summers are from June to September with average temperature between 66F-80F. The sea water are warm and the district is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Early autumn is delightful in Odessa with temperatures falling at night and rains come in. It is the cultural season with concerts. Winters are not too cold as the temperature does not fall below freezing. Spring has cool breeze hitting this city. The famous humor festival is hosted on April 1 each year.

Points of interests / things to see

Opera and Ballet House

The first theater was built in 1809 by the Duc de Richelieu, but it was destroyed in a fire. The new building of Odessa Opera and Ballet House is a tribute to the architects Fellner and Helmer for this magnificent monument. They had built many theaters in Europe and they created this masterpiece with a rich Italian baroque facade. There is a Renaissance entrance that has stone sculptures depicting scenes from Aristophanes and Euripides. The breathtaking stone sculptures of the Goddess of Tragedy, who is in a chariot drawn by four panthers. The panoramic views of all the sculptures on the balustrade of this building are overwhelming, there is Orpheus charming the mighty centaur with his music and 16 beautiful figurines of baby cupids in different poses. There are the busts of the great figures of Gogol, Pushkin, Glinka, and Griboyedov. These symbolizes music, comedy, poetry and drama. The massive chandelier is surrounded by scenes from Twelfth night, As you like it and other Shakespearen works. An amazing ambiance, do watch a performance if time permits. They play classics like Nutcracker, Giselle, Rigoletto, and Sleeping Beauty. The classical music is performed by over 80 musicians. A beautiful experience that you will cherish for a long time. Tickets go on sale an hour before the performance and the last show is at 7:00pm.

The beaches of Odessa

Odessa is a popular tourist destination during the summer for it's beaches that are on the Black Sea. The waters are warm and offer the tourist a large variety of water sports. The nightlife is exciting with many restaurants and bars, the shoreline is dotted with cafes and kiosks. Arcadia is a renowned beach area, the visitor will find that they have many discos, clubs, bars and other entertainments to participate in. The beach is serene and clean with soft sand and clear waters, this beach is one of the best organized beaches of this regions with kiosks and facilities for the bathers. Water sports are popular on this beach. Otrada is an area with spectacular beaches that is reachable by the cable car. There are lots of privacy and facilities for the bather, and the adventurous can indulge in water sports. The Chkalovo beach is a nudist beach. This beach is named in remembrance of the famous Russian Pilot Chivalovo, and is close to the city center, a pristine beach with the warm waters of the Black Sea. It offers privacy to the sunbather. X-Traction Cable Park is Odessa Wake-board and Water-ski Federation. Balkovskaya str. 33Odessa, Odeska OblastTelephone: +38 (0482) 703-38-88

A visit to Privoz Marketis and Gambrinus the pub

The Privoz Marketis is a large farmer's market and is one among the largest in the world. The atmosphere is electric and bustling with people out to get great bargains and vendors seeking a good deal. The market is a great venue to absorb the local traditions and customs of the people of that city. According to historians, this market was first started in 1827, when the farmers brought their fresh produce on carts that were drawn by horses. The carts were parked on Privoznaya Street and they would sell their fresh produce. Today, this market is a busy place with many shops that sell new and second hand goods. They have branded goods along cheap bargains. A colorful place that will bring a smile to your face. Gambrinus was first opened in 1883 and is one of the oldest beer pubs in Odessa. This pub has been immortalized by Kuprin in a story that bears the same name. A great ambiance with it being located in a contemporary building that goes back in time. The décor is rustic with heavy oak barrels being used as tables and small kegs are placed instead of chairs. There is live music every evening and after a day on the beach, you can unwind to a local beer and a delicious meal.

Odessa Archaeological Museum

Odessa Archaeological Museum was founded in 1825 and is one of the oldest in Ukraine. This magnificent building houses more than 160,000 artifacts. These exhibits are one of the richest sources of information about the history of this Northern Black Sea region. Apart from the local history, this museum has artifacts of ancient Greece, Rome and Egypt. Visitors will see the many ancient coins and medals on display along with the sculptures. There are exhibits on ancient Greek colonies like the Tyras, Niconium and Chersonesus. Exhibits on terracotta, inscriptions, sculptures and other articles that highlight the prosperity of this ancient civilizations. On display are the finds from the settlements and burial grounds of the Scythian Tribes, who inhabited the Black Sea Littoral Steppes. The 'Golden Treasury' has unique pieces of art made of precious metal. The oldest artifact is from the 2 BC. There are over 50,000 coins made of gold and silver from different civilizations that are displayed here. The Russian Numismatic section is on display and is presented by Zlatnick of Prince Volodimir. This is one of the ten remaining in the world today. The Russian Empire had minted many coins in gold and silver metals during the Romanov's dynasty. Each coin was produced in honor of a memorable event in Russian history. Address: 4, Langeronovskaya str.Telephone: +3(0482) 22-01-71Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday Holiday

The catacombs

The Catacomb of Odessa are man made and they run under the houses of the city for about 2500 km. This catacomb is carved into the limestone that the city is built on, the distance between Paris and Odessa is 2138 km! The catacomb dates back to the 17th century, but mining increased when the city was being built in the 1800. The excess excavation created a labyrinth under this beautiful city. Shortly, this area became a hideout for criminals and gangs, and it was shunned by the locals. During WWII, the Nazis chased the Soviets out of Odessa, but unknown to them there were many rebel groups hiding below this city in the catacombs. These rebels lived underground for almost 13 months. They could eat, play and cook without the Nazis catching them. They created trouble for the Nazis from underground, blowing up Nazi facilities, whenever they had the opportunity. Today, there are professional catacomb explorers, they go on expeditions to explore these catacombs and document the passages with the idea of mapping it. They help in rescuing people, who unknowing wander around and get lost in this maze. There have been times when weapons and grenades have been found in this maze, and other times bodies from ancient times, mummified by the freezing cold had been discovered.

Statues and Monuments

Odessa is a beautiful city with architectural monuments that show a influence of Italian and Venetian art. This city boasts of having the most number of statues, monuments, memorial plagues and other street furniture in the country. Walk around the city by foot and notice these amazing sights that are there at every corner. Notice the monument of Leonid Utesov, a famous jazz artist of Odessa, he was a singer and songwriter. Spot his statue sitting on a bench just opposite to the City Garden on Deribasovskaya Street. The Golden Child by sculptor Ernist Neizvestny is a breathtakingly beautiful bronze sculpture that is behind the Port Terminal. Good luck finding the others!

Ekaterinenskaya Square

Catherine`s Square is located in the prestigious area of the Opera House, Primorskiy Boulevard, and the Potemkin Stairs. An area of historical importance with several architectural monuments and landmarks. In 1900, on this city's 100 anniversary, they commissioned this memorial. A magnificent bronze statue of Catherine II with the four others who made this city a reality, Count Platon Zubov, Prince Potemkin, Admiral de Ribas and Colonel de Volan. The revolution resulted in this graceful statue being moved to the National History Museum. The statue of Karl Marx was placed on the podium. In July 2007, the Odessa City Council voted to have the beautiful statue of Catherine the Great and her companions shifted to it's original location.

Deribasovskaya Street

The famous Deribasovskaya Street is next to the Odessa's City Garden. This vibrant street is well known to many, as it has been quoted in hundreds of books, songs and also films. This street is dear to the locals and a trip to Odessa is incomplete without walking on the path that has been laid with masonry paving blocks and sitting at one of it's cozy outdoor cafes. This is a historic part of town, as the visitor can see many old buildings with interesting architecture. This street is named in honor of the first governor of the Duke de Ribas, whose memorial is at the beginning of the street.

The Potemkin Stairs

The Potemkin Stairs is the formal entrance to this beautiful city from the coast. This name belonged to the rebellious battleship Potyomkin. There is a boulevard that goes down to the sea, this was designed by the famous architect F. Bofford and was constructed between 1837 to 1841. A spectacular sight that gives the visitor an optical illusion, enhancing the experience of climbing up these grand stairs. There are 192 stair that are built in ten flights each with 2 meter thick parapets. At the top, you can't see the steps, only the landing, and from the bottom, all you can see are the stairs! An impressive welcome to the city for any visitor.

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Getting into Odessa and around the city

Odessa International Airport(ODS) has daily direct connections from Moscow and a few cities in Europe. An old airport which does not have facilities for a baggage carousel, you will have to pick it up at the exit. It is 7 km to the city center. Bus: Bus 129 links the airport with the railway station making stops in the Cherjomushki district. Mashrutka 117 also connects with city center. Minibus: Exit the airport, it is 50 meters on the right. Taxi: There are many taxi drivers waiting outside the arrival, but they are expensive. Call the numbers available for the taxi company.  By Train: There are no direct trains from Central Europe. The trains are well connected with Moscow, Minsk, Grodno and Saint Petersburg. The stations do not have signs in English and no tourist desk. By Ferry: The ferry comes to the harbor of Odessa, disembark at the Morvokza marine terminal and you can climb up the famous Potemkin Steps. Getting around the city Walking: Walking is the best way to move around this city. Taxis: Taxis are expensive and best avoided. The Trams and trolley-buses are the cheapest way to get around the city. They are well connected to all the areas, but it can get busy during the peak hours and tourist season. There is no schedule, you can buy the ticket on the tram.

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