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The city of Bath is included to the nation England and to the county Bath and North East Somerset

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Relaxing in Bath, United Kingdom

Located nearly 100 miles from London, Bath, United Kingdom is a wonderful luxurious land. Bath is well known for its breathtaking beauty, natural hot springs, and remarkable buildings and architecture. Art and culture are wonderful things to explore in Bath. With such a rich Roman history, several attractions are open in Bath to explore, such as museums, galleries, and even the famous Roman baths. Also a must see and do in Bath, United Kingdom is shopping. Shopping in Bath is a unique experience and commonly enjoyed by residents and tourists alike. Bath is widely recognized as a beautiful and relaxing city, immensely enjoyed by people all over the world.

Points of interests / things to see

Jane Austen

The Jane Austen Centre in Bath, United Kingdom is a famous museum celebrating the famed writer, Jane Austen. Jane Austen, who resided in Bath, is a celebrated novelist well known to the world, and ever acclaimed by scholars and critics. Her romance literacy is recognized by the world, then and now, as a renowned piece of realism. Her criticism on civilization has gone recognized as literary genius for centuries. A great part of the Jane Austen Centre is the popular Tea Rooms. Guests may enjoy fabulous fresh teas in the Tea Rooms of the Jane Austen Centre. The Tea Rooms are a great place to relax and enjoy tea as well as soak in the atmosphere of Bath, United Kingdom, home place of Jane Austen. The atmosphere at the Jane Austen Centre offers a true taste of culture and times during the late 1700s and early 1800s, in Jane Austen’s era. Also available at the Jane Austen Centre is a great gift shop, as well as entertainments such as video and guides. The Jane Austen Centre is located at 40 Gay Street, Queen Square, BATH, Bath, BA1 2NT. The Jane Austen Centre may also be contacted by phone at +44 01225 443000 or by fax at +44 01225 443018. More information may be found about the Jane Austen Centre in Bath by visiting their website at or by contacting the museum by email by using the form found at this web address: Summer hours (March-November) at the Jane Austen Centre are 9:30am to 5:30pm, with last entrance to the Tea Rooms at 4:30pm; Mondays through Sundays. During the months of July and August, the Jane Austen Centre is open until 6:00pm on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, with last entrance to the Tea Rooms at 5:00pm. The winter hours (November to April) at the Jane Austen Centre are 11:00am to 4:30pm, with last entrance to the Tea Rooms at 3:30pm; Sunday through Friday. The Saturday winter hours are 9:45am-5:30pm, with last entrance to the Tea Rooms at 4:30pm. A visit to the Jane Austen Centre costs £7.20 for adults, £6.30 for seniors, £5.40 for students, and £4.00 for children, and this allows for a one hour visit. For a 1.5 hour tour of the Jane Austen Centre, the cost is £9.00 for adults, and £7.00 for seniors, students, and children. A one hour visit to the Tea Rooms offers a free entry, with a menu available for teas.

Do As The Romans Do...

The Roman Baths in Bath, United Kingdom, is a world famous historic location. The ancient Romans built a fantastic temple on the site of the only hot spring in Great Britain. The Roman Baths were used as a luxurious spa treatment for the wealthy during the ancient Roman era. Over 2,000 years later, the Roman Baths are still open today for a wonderful natural spa day. Guests may tour the Roman Baths with audio recorded tour guides available in eight different languages. Guests may also visit the Roman Baths to enjoy the ruins as the Romans did when the structure was built. Guests may partake in enjoying the hot spring thermal waters for a full, enjoyable two hours. The full day Roman Baths package also includes admission to the Roman Baths and even a three course meal for lunch. The Roman Baths is located at The Roman Baths, Stall Street, Bath, BA1 1LZ. The Roman Baths may be contacted by telephone at +44 (0)1225 477785 or by fax at +44 (0)1225 477743. The Roman Baths may also be contacted by email at The Roman Baths even has a 24 hour information telephone line and may be contacted at 01225 477867. The Roman Baths website offers great information and service on bookings, inquiries, and more. The Roman Baths website can be found at

The Pulteney Bridge: A Historic Branch of Romance

The Pulteney Bridge in Bath, United Kingdom is world famous for its multi-usage and different views. The main goal for the Pulteney Bridge originally was to have a means of transport from the island to main land in Bath. The Pulteney Bridge is a benefit for residents of Bath as well as tourists, providing a convenient way of transportation, as well as a rather enjoyable one. The Pulteney Bridge offers a great air of romance either by being gazed upon or by enjoying firsthand. It is said the Pulteney Bridge is best viewed from the Parade Gardens park. The Pulteney Bridge is lit beautifully during the night. As well as a romantic sight, the Pulteney Bridge is great for shopping. The Pulteney Bridge is one of the rare few bridges in the world that provides shops available for guests to explore. The Pulteney Bridge is located at 14 Pulteney Bridge, Bath, BA2 4AY, United Kingdom. This bridge crosses the river Avon in Bath. The Pulteney Bridge is open Monday-Saturday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. More information can be found on the Pulteney Bridge by visiting Guests may also visit the Pulteney Bridge year round, enjoying the sights first hand and at a distance, exploring the wonderful trinkets up for sale daily in the shops housed within the bridge itself.

Beauty in Bath

Bath, United Kingdom is proud to hold many awards and therefore attract a great number of tourists. One of the reasons for Bath’s many awards is the Circus. This structure, created by John Wood the Elder, is a fantastical piece of art, celebrated and awed by onlookers and visitors. From the aerial view, the Circus appears in the shape of a key. Many have contemplated the reasoning and ideals of the structures in the years that it has come to life since 1768. John Wood the Elder has been celebrated for his other works outside the Circus as well. Though John Wood the Elder was never fortunate enough to watch his plans for the Circus come to life, his son, John Wood the Younger was able to watch over his father’s plans and help the great structure grow to something that would be admired for centuries. The Georgian lifestyle of the Circus goes appreciated by visitors today. The Circus was named via the Latin noun “circus”, meaning circle, and takes after the Circus’s curved shapes. The Circus is celebrated and enjoyed daily by citizens and visitors of Bath for its originality, creativity, and overall breathtaking nature. The Circus is located at North of Queen Square, Bath BA1 1EE, England. The Circus may be contacted by telephone at +44 1225 477101. The Circus in Bath, United Kingdom is open year round for visitors. More information may be found about the Circus at

Beauty in Bath

The Guildhall in Bath, United Kingdom is an icon of the city Bath itself. The Guildhall is a beautiful structure with a Georgian accent and extravagant décor. Visitors are free to come and enjoy the halls and rooms of this beautiful building, and it may even be used for events. The Guildhall is a popular place to hold weddings and ceremonies. The stunning appearance makes it the perfect place for ceremonies and even dinners. Guests are constantly enjoying the use of such a beautiful building for things beyond weddings and ceremonies such as meetings and even other gatherings. The Guildhall is a beautiful place for upscale meetings and conferences for corporations and other debaters. Bath’s council offices are held within the beautiful Guildhall. There are several different rooms in the Guildhall for different occasions and uses, including the Banqueting Room, the Council Chamber, and the Brunswick Room. The Guildhall is a must see stop on any trip to Bath, UK. The Guildhall is located at Bath and North East Somerset Council, Guildhall, High Street, Bath, BA1 5AW. The Guildhall can be contacted by telephone at +44 01225 477724 or by fax at +44 01225 477442. The Guildhall may also be contacted by email at More information on the Guildhall may be found at the Guildhall website:

Bath by Boat

Lady Lena is a nice and relaxing boat tour of Bath via the Kennet and Avon Canal. This excursion is great for groups of two to ten people and guests may spend two hours up to a whole day exploring and seeing Bath in a fresh, original way. The Lady Lena is a small yet beautiful boat and carries passengers along the Kennet and Avon Canal to enjoy the amazing sightseeing that Bath has to offer. Lady Lena is beautifully decorated with a nice Victorian accent, enjoyable for all visitors, tourist and resident alike. Lady Lena offers a great catering service and is also fully furnished to comfortably hold her passengers as they gaze upon Bath in all its beauty. Lady Lena is located at Longhope, Packhorse Lane, South Stoke, Bath, BA2 7DL and can be contacted by telephone at +44 01225 834250. Lady Lena may also be contacted by email by filling out a contact form at More information on Lady Lena may be found at the Lady Lena website at

Bath by Bus

There are many great ways to visit, see, and experience, Bath, but the most fulfilling way might just be the official way of touring Bath. The City Sightseeing Tour Bus in Bath is the official way of touring Bath, UK. Guests relax on this double decker bus and view the beautiful city as the bus makes its rounds, showing people some of the most amazing and historically important sights in the world. Apart from three holidays out of the year, the Bath tour bus is open for visitors all year long. This fun and exciting tour offers more than twenty stops in Bath to view this city’s greatest appeals. The tour bus location can be found at Bath Bus Company, 6 North Parade, Bath, BA1 1LF. The Bath Bus Company can be contacted by telephone at +44 01225 330444 or by fax at +44 01225 330727. The Bath Sightseeing Tour may also be contacted by email by filling out the contact form at More information on the Bath Bus Company may be found at their website by visiting

Laughter in Bath

Bizarre Bath offers another unique approach to enjoying Bath, United Kingdom. Bizarre Bath is an evening entertainment that approaches Bath in a humorous way. While most tours explore Bath’s historical significance, Bizarre Bath takes a comedic approach, a fun, hands-on way of tourism.  Guests may acquire tickets for attendance to Bizarre Bath upon arrival. The cost for Bizarre Bath is £8.00 and £5.00 for students. Bizarre Bath can be found at 14 St Marks Road, Bath, Avon, BA2 4PA. Bizarre Bath can be contacted by telephone at +44 01225 335124 or fax at +44 01225 335124. Bizarre Bath may also be contacted by email by filling out their contact form at More information on Bizarre Bath, including frequently asked questions, may be found on the Bizarre Bath website at

Bath by Air

Bath Balloons is a breathtaking way to explore Bath, United Kingdom. Guests may float above this historically rich city to enjoy all aspects of Bath from the air above. The Bath Balloons tour is a great way to see all of Bath in an enjoyable way. Guests may view the Victorian and Roman culture above, including the famous and magnificent Circus, built by John the Elder in the 1700s. Bath Balloons launches from Royal Victoria Park, which is located between Weston Road and Upper Bristol Road in Bath, BA1 2DS. Bath Balloons may be contacted by telephone at +44 01225 466888 or by email by filling out Bath Balloons’ contact form online at More information on Bath Balloons may be found at the Bath Balloons website at

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Getting Around Bath

Travel to and around Bath, United Kingdom is very easy. With London just 120 miles away and the Bristol airport 20 miles away, travel to Bath is easy by car or train. Bath is an hour and thirty minute train ride from London and car rentals and taxis are available as well at the Bristol airport. Depending on the things guests wish to visit in Bath, many different travel options are available. The Bath Spa and Train Station is available for people all over the UK to easily visit Bath. The train is an easy option for travelling to Bath. The Bristol Airport is also nearby and convenient for visiting Bath, UK. Parking is also in abundance in Bath, so car rental and other car services are a great way to enjoy the beautiful city. Travel by bus and coach are also popular, good means of getting to and around Bath. Coach services are offered in Bath by a company called National Express and are a nice way to travel in the city. Bus services are also great ways to get around Bath; some busses in Bath aren’t just for transportation, but tourism as well. If land or air travel isn’t enough excitement, cruising is also available to visit Bath, UK. There are several ports nearby where docking isn’t the only part of visiting Bath. Many of Bath’s residents and visitors may also choose biking and walking as a means of transportation, getting to know the city firsthand.

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C J Pound
Manvers St, Bath BA1 1JQ, UK
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+44 1225 480420
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