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Located in southwestern Britain, Bristol is a British city renowned for being the country's green capital. Bordering the Avon River, the city is nestled between gardens, parks and the river. Reputed for its pleasant living environment, Bristol is the sixth largest city in England. In 2013, the city became Europe's green capital for the year 2015. This election places it once again at the forefront because of its quality in terms of sustainable development, of urban policies and transport, as well as of energy efficiency. To go through Bristol or to live there it is thus to offer a bowl of fresh urban air. Big city, Bristol does not lack dynamism and activities. The city offers many opportunities for discovery, events and entertainment, as well as a particularly enjoyable living environment. It is one of the cities of England where the temperature is the most pleasant. It is the Atlantic that influences the climate of the city of Bristol throughout the year. In winter, the cold is bearable, it rarely snows, while in summer, the temperatures can be hot.

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Bristol, port city

In South West England, Bristol is undoubtedly a center for culture, employment and education. Since the construction of the city that is thought to date from around the eleventh century, the prosperity of the latter is due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. The port of Bristol was for many years a commercial port. Today, if this activity continues, the harbor is above all a place of walk where a succession of cafes and trendy pubs allow you to better discover the atmopshere of this city. south west of England. In fact, more recently, the economy of the city depends more on the media, the electronics or the aerospace industry than on a business. This is why the old docks have been rehabilitated as a place of heritage and culture in the historic city of Bristol. There are currently shops, pubs, restaurants and corporate offices. For a walk, the port of Bristol and these docks are particularly enjoyable. At night, for example, light from the SS Great Britain is reflected on the water. This steamship is one of the first ocean-going vessels built with an iron hull and propulsion. It's in the middle of the nineteenth century that it was built and it was then the biggest afloat ever eradicated. Today, it is one of Bristol's most popular tourist attractions. It is obviously possible to visit it to discover its rich history. You will easily pass from one side to the other of the docks through the multiple bridges that connect them and form a pleasant walk within this lively center of the city.

Green Capital of the United Kingdom

Although Bristol is known for its direct contact with the Atlantic Ocean and its port activities, the city is best known as the green capital of the United Kingdom. Even better, it was named European Green Capital for the year 2015. Indeed, the city has more than 400 gardens, parks and green spaces. Moreover, she is very active in sustainable development, green urban policies and cares about green and sustainable energies. However, this title rewards the city above all for its urban renewal policy, more than for the existence of this multitude of parks. For example, the city has been in discussion with its residents rehabilitating one of these neighborhoods located south, the Knowle West. It is in consultation with the latter who have been led to communicate their preferences, their needs and their daily journeys that have been elaborated new plans of construction for housing and for transport. So, when Bristol calls itself a green capital, it's not only because there are so many green spaces around the city, but because the city's politics are acting with the well-being of its people and their environment in mind. in a sustainable way. Simply, you can enjoy the greenery of Bristol by strolling for example at Brandon Hill Park, with its beautiful hilly stretches, breathtaking views of the city that has its own It offers you at the top of Cabot Tower, benches to take a break and admire the scenery or watch the squirrels appear and disappear, climbing from one tree to another. By taking a bus, you can go to Dyrham Park, this large estate located a few minutes from the center of Bristol will allow you to admire deer and deer frolicking freely amidst large green stretches and visit a house almost unchanged for 300 years. Or, Chew Valley Lake, located on the edge of a large lake, offers a particularly pleasant setting for walk and contemplation. Impossible to mention here the quantity of the parks and green spaces of the city as they go through it from one side to the other. To be guided randomly by the streets and to cross these spaces at the turn of an avenue is also a pleasure.

An inspiring city

Lovers of arts and culture will not be disappointed by Bristol, which has a certain artistic and cultural richness. Whether in music, visual arts or street art, the city is home to small artistic jewelry. First and foremost, Bristol is famous for being the city where the world-famous banker Dortie grew up. In the 1980s, the latter was a street kid from Bristol who was roaming the city's arteries with a spray of paint in his hand. Today, his paintings and works are exhibited all over the world and sold for thousands. As a result, some of his early works are hidden on the walls of the city. You can decide to visit Bristol by taking the Banksy route and discovering at the corner of a street the works of this genius of street art and contemporary art. With these trompe-l'œil and these installations, it makes the urban space a space of play, subversion and artistic creation. Take a walk in Bristol, discovering the city from another angle, that of the amused look of an artist with a vivid and striking universe. In the center of Bristol, on the hull of Thekla, a former boat that has become a trendy bar in the city, you can discover one of the most famous works of the artist, the Grim Reaper , death or mower. Also famous for its satirical and provocative tone, its anti-conformism, you will be able to have fun of Frogmore street's trompe-l'œil, painted on the face of a health clinic and sex. To admire it at best, one can get on the small bridge of Park Street which crosses Frogmore Street. It is also in Bristol that is born the trip-hop to the ™ initiative of the now famous contemporary music groups Massive Attack, Tricky or Portishead. Taking hip-hop as its rhythmic base, trip-hop reinvents the latter by adding different influences, jazz, rock, dub, electro and film music. In any case, the trip-hop, as its name indicates, is a soaring music, rather calm with a touch of melancholy on the more rhythmic bases of hip-hop. In the 1990s in Bristol, the basement bars of the city beat to the rhythms of these throbbing and slightly black sounds. Today, you can always listen to this music in pubs and bars, of which Bristol has been the creative melting pot.

A city animated all the year

If the city has seen some of our contemporary artists grow up, it's also because it's a city of many events all year long, make it a sort of artistic and cultural melting pot. This excitement is also due to the student population of Bristol. Indeed, the city has two major universities, the University of Bristol, one of Britain's most renowned universities and the University of the West of England. Between them, they bring together more than 50,000 students each year and make Bristol a young, student-driven city. During the summer months, many festivals enliven the streets of Bristol and attract fans of sound and color. The Ashton Court Music Festival featuring local stars and bands attracts hundreds of thousands of people over a weekend in July. The Bristol Harbor Festival at Bristol Harbor is also home to the world, offering rich and varied programming, as well as various events directly related to the port, boat races, sailboat shows and markets. temporary. You will also be able to discover at the end of the summer the superb and recent festival of Brighton the Balloon Fiesta. This hot air balloon festival is quite unique and absolutely magical. The Bristol sky is suddenly filled with hundreds of colorful balloons offering an incredible aesthetic spectacle. Some balloons take the form of animals or fun fictional characters. Finally, the most magical spectacle is the night-time lighting of hot air balloons, the night glow. To the rhythm of the music flew in the dark sky a multitude of small colored balloons and inflamed with light, magic to the pure state and a fireworks to crown all. The nightlife of Bristol is rich in entertainment because of its student population. Throughout the year, one can push the party late into the night to the sound of English bands or strolling along the docks.

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How to get there

It remains to know how to get to Bristol. Nothing easier. The city is one of the most accessible in the country with excellent roads, a railway network and frequent air lines. You can, first of all, if you come from abroad or from another city of England, join Bristol by plane. Bristol Airport will take you to the center of the city very quickly as it is only 8 miles from Bristol, about 12 kilometers to the south. Shuttles take care of the transfer from the center to the airport very regularly in the day for a trip of about 30 minutes. But, it is also possible to reach the city by train. Bristol's main train station, the Bristol Temple Meads, is a 15-minute walk from the city center and offers a service of around a dozen buses that reach the various central points of the latter. The rail network connects Bristol to all the major cities of the country as well as to the smaller cities, allowing you to move easily within it and up to Bristol. By bus, one can reach the city just as easily from different cities of the country. Every two hours a bus comes from London to bring you to Bristol. By car, the M4 and M5 reach the town. Inside the city, the bus network is perfect for traveling with ease, but, it is also nice to go shopping. bike in this green city or just walk for more freedom.

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