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The city of Newquay is included to the nation England and to the county Cornwall

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Surf holidays and much more

Newquay is located in the southwest of the United Kingdom, it is a coastal city known in the world of surfing as one of the best areas to practice this sport. It offers wide beaches with surfeables waves and magnificent conditions with respect to water quality, sand and services. In addition, the city has accommodations of the most varied for all types of visitors. If surfing is not your thing, Newquay offers many other options to enjoy the coast, both from the water and from the mainland. As well as touring its natural environment, both by bike and along the marked paths for hiking. If we prefer to get away from nature there are, in the surroundings of Newquay, attractions for all kinds of tastes, from aquarium, golf or tennis courts to zoological. In short, this city has everything to enjoy a few days off.

Points of interests / things to see

Surfing in Newquay

The practice of surfing is one of the main tourist attractions of Newquay. For more than 30 years the boom of this sport has awakened the beaches of the city began to fill with people climbing on boards, riding waves. Of all this movement, which over time became a way of life, the entire surf industry was born, now deeply rooted in Newquay and offering endless possibilities to lovers of this sport. Although the most important thing for a destination to succeed with surfing is that there are waves, there are also other services that surfers demand that Newquay offers in abundance. On the one hand, it offers a variety of beaches. Most beaches on the Newquay coast always have waves, are easily accessible and often have lifeguards and other services during the summer months. In addition, the zones where you can practice this sport are perfectly marked with flags. On the other hand there are numerous surf schools of very good quality for all those who are beginners and want to feel the adrenaline of riding the waves. If you are already a specialist, you can rent all the equipment in any of the stores that exist throughout the city. More information:


The coast of Newquay is full of beaches of all kinds. Bearing in mind that it is the main tourist attraction the local authorities do everything possible to take care of them and keep them in perfect conditions for the enjoyment of all. That is why all the beaches of the region stand out for the clarity of their waters, for being able to surf in very good conditions and for providing services that make your vacations much more pleasant. There is no need to move from the city to find good beaches with all the services but Newquay's are usually the most crowded and therefore also, those that usually have more services. We can get there by walking or in a few minutes by car to beaches a little further away and quieter, with respect to people. In all the beaches of the region you will find the flags that indicate the conditions of bath. It is very important to know what each color indicates to know when the bath is allowed and when not. In any case, if you have doubts, in the months of high season, most beaches have the presence of lifeguards who can inform you about the conditions of the sea at all times.

The port of Newquay

Newquay has not lost its essence as a fishing village so if you come here on vacation, to better understand the population, a visit to your port should be mandatory. Despite the fact that today the vision offered is a lot of beautifully colored boats with lobsters and crabs for hotel menus, it was not always so. Once Newquay was important for sardine fishing. If you look up you can see the Huer Hut, a kind of white house, on top of a cliff from where the fishermen were warned if the sardine banks were sighted. Then they went out to sea to get hold of them. There are still tunnels between the cliffs where the trains arrived to the coast to collect the fishing and take it directly to the markets. In addition to the history of the port of Newquay, it is also a place where numerous events take place, so it is not difficult to find a mounted tent that will serve to offer concerts, celebrate an event or promote something. For all this, you should not miss spending a day in the port of Newquay. More information:

Gannel, the estuary

The Gannel estuary is an important part of the structure of Newquay. It offers visitors a glimpse of what the fishing villages were like in the past. The advantage of this place is that you can discover it in several ways, either on foot, or in kayak or even on horseback. The estuary was in the past a navigable place, by it passed schooners and barges that transported the coal towards the interior of England. Still today we can see the remains of the shipyards, there are some moorings and even abandoned ships. But if we move along the estuary away from the sea what we can discover is a vast nature reserve. If you have binoculars do not forget to bring them because with them you can see different species of birds, plants and fish that change as the water is transformed into fresh water. If you have decided to discover the estuary on foot you can drive to the outskirts of the city or take a circular hiking route that is also the starting point of the route from Newquay to Crantock. More information: Information on the walking route: -walks-information


Water sports are one of the attractions for all who come to Newquay on vacation. Perhaps the best known is surfing but there are many other sports that can be practiced taking advantage of the orography of the place and the spectacular nature of its waters. Among them we will highlight some. On the one hand the kayak. It's a great way to discover the whole Newquay coast from the other side, from the water. Enjoy unbeatable views of the rugged cliffs of the Atlantic that hide a lot of wildlife and rely only on yourself to continue the adventure. You can rent a kayak for a day or half a day or make a group trip with a guide that explains everything in their path. You can also enjoy coastering, an adventure sport in which we discover the coast using rappel, canyoning, some climbing, waterfalls and everything you need to visit each corner of the cliffs. And how not, we can also enjoy diving. Using a boat that takes us out to sea we can enjoy the visibility offered by these waters and all the marine life they harbor. More information:

Know the surroundings by bicycle

Traveling around Newquay by bike can not be easier. The city is within well-marked cycling routes that can take you to travel a lot of kilometers enjoying magnificent landscapes. From the same city you can access different trails that will take us along beautiful paths away from the roads. To know them all you can go to the tourist information office where they offer maps with all the necessary signage. Or click here for more information:

The Japanese garden

This Japanese garden is a real haven of tranquility. Located in the valley of Lanherne is created with oriental philosophy. In this place we realize that the small is beauty and the harmony leads to relaxation. Among all the plants and flowers that we find along the trails, there is also a Zen garden. In addition, the sound of the water is designed to relax as well as the fish in the ponds and even the stones of the road. An atmosphere of real relaxation is what surrounds this site, which with its easy access makes it possible for anyone to come and visit it.

Crantock Beach

One of the beaches best valued by the British is Crantock Beach. Located only 15 minutes by car from the city center or 45 minutes by foot, it offers a large area of ​​fine sand surrounded by beautiful landscapes. This beach is fully equipped with services as a lifeguard, during the months of May to September, toilets, access for the disabled and several bars and cafés. It is allowed to access this beach with dogs and it is an ideal place to practice surfing. Because it is located next to the estuary of the Gannel river it is advisable to swim on the left side of the beach to avoid currents.

The Trerice mansion

This Elizabethan style mansion is located on the outskirts of Newquay. It is ideal to enjoy a day of tranquility and discover new things. With a very romantic air we can visit the interiors of this palace, very refined style. Walk through the landscaped areas and feel for a moment that we have gone back in time. In addition, the visit to Trerice offers exhibitions of falconry, visit to a medieval village and fusilieria. If you want more excitement you can challenge your whole family to a game of Slapcock, one of the precedents of tennis, badminton or table tennis.

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How to get there

By plane: Newquay airport offers flights depending on the season of the year. Those who do not vary are those who link all year with London â € "Gatwick, Manchester and Isles of Scilly. During the summer the offer increases and there are more connections with other cities in the United Kingdom and even with some European cities such as Dusseldorf or Verona. For more information: The airport offers continuous bus connections between this and the city located just 10 kilometers away. For more information about buses, go to By train: there is a train line linking the south coast of England between important cities such as They are London, Manchester, Bristol or Birmingham for seven days a week, all year. During the high season period there are trains that link Newquay directly to London, Bristol, Birmingham, Yorkshire and Scotland. For more information, please visit:, and By bus: the company National Express (www. offers links to the city with other points in Great Britain. Also Megabus offers connections between Newquay and London and Plymouth (

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