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The city of Windermere is included to the nation England and to the county Cumbria

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Windermere is a small town in the province of Combrie in England. Strangely located one kilometer from the lake of the same name, Windermere grew up with his big sister Bowness-sur-Windermere, although they each have their own city center. The city offers a wide variety of sports and cultural activities but it is mainly the lake and its surroundings that attract tourists. Surrounded by rugged hills and mysterious lands, Windermere is an amazing place to hide from the rest of the world for a few days. Browse the hills, enjoy the panorama and take a boat ride on the lake. At sunset, enter an old pub and warm your feet against the heat of a good fire.

Points of interests / things to see

Lake Windermere

Windermere is a 15-kilometer square-shaped lake in the last ice age. It is the largest natural lake in England and belongs to the Lakes District National Park. Since 1847 it has been one of the most popular destinations in England. The word "mother" means "lake" it becomes pretty funny to think of the name of Windermere, the city, which is located 15 minutes walk from the lake. This tautology is a great example of English humor that you will discover in Windermere and its surroundings. Several rivers flow into this lake: Brathay, Rothay, Beck Trout, Cunsey Beck, and many other small streams to discover during your hikes. South of the lake flows the river Leven which will throw itself into the Irish Sea. The hills surrounding the lake and the city offer beautiful walks. Many myths revolve around the lake and have developed the very folklore of Windermere ... For example, Bownessie, the Windermerian equivalent of the Loch Ness monster, would have been seen at many times. Take out your cameras!

The Windermere Islands

Lake Windermere offers many splendours to discover. On its fresh water are eighteen islands not to be missed. The largest is called Belle-ÃŽle, but it belongs to a private owner and can not be visited. The other seventeen, however, are public and their charms are well worth the turn. Rent a boat for a day or embark on a cruise on the lake to experience the insular adventure of Lake Windermere and contemplate the richness of the regional flora and fauna.

The holidays at the water's edge

The lake is the main activity of Windermere, the city has developed many aquatic activities for adults and children. From water skiing or canoeing to trampolining on the water, you will discover with family the pleasures of entertainment and relaxation on the edge of a quiet lake. A city-built ferry connects the various spots around the lake to extend your hike. Rent a boat to enjoy the charms of the largest lake in England is possible but the speed is limited to 10 knots since 2005. Ended the 50 years where Norman Buckley broke world records on the waters of Windermere ! This measure has been taken by the government to ensure that the lake and the surrounding cities remain soothing places, where visitors can come and relax a few days away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Every year, more than 1.2 million tourists choose Windermere to enjoy its tranquil charms.

An extremely rare fishing

For fishermen, experts and amateurs, Lake Windermere is a bargain. Since the last ice age, Arctic char has abounded in the waters of the lake. In fact, the fish got stuck in Windermere when the icy waters receded. Four types of Arctic char developed and occur in the spring and fall, mainly on the north and south sides of the lake. Autumn broods lay their eggs close to the edge while spring brooks prefer much deeper waters. You will have the pleasure of catching it between July and October. The most effective method of hooking metal parts to your line for light to attract char. Local fishermen use this method and walk along the edge of the lake to keep the lure constantly moving. And if you are not a fan of fishing, you will always be able to contemplate the beauty of the silver, olive and red colors of these ancient fishes in the regional aquarium.

Discovering the local culture

Windermere particularly cherishes its traditions, folklore and local culture. Thus, many institutions have been created to share this legacy with visitors. You will discover the Blackwell Center, one of the oldest houses in England. Built at the very beginning of the 20th century, it is a superb example of English architectural know-how. Overlooking the lake, it offers its visitors an extraordinary panorama. Brantwood, John Ruskin's home, is also open to the public. Transformed into a museum, you will be able to browse it to find the atmosphere of the era and the strength of the artist's writings around the corridors and its sublime garden. Writer Beatrix Potter also has her own museum where her enchanted stories come to life. Finally, be sure to visit Windermere's many small art galleries where you can discover the vibrant works of talented local artists and their passionate gallery owners who wish to promote the art of their region to the world. Worldwide.

Folklores and myths

As you can see, Windermere likes to play with his past and present. That's what gives it its special charm. From the past, she has created folklore and myths that speak volumes about the history of the region and the English humor so famous around the world. Many have pretended to photograph Bownessie, the English cousin of the Loch Ness monster, who has appeared several times south of the lake. But that's not all. Many other myths have developed over the centuries and have built regional culture. If you are going to Windermere, do not forget to talk to the locals, who always have a good anecdote to accompany the regional folklore!

Calgarth Manor, haunted?

In the 16th century, Myles Philipson, an officer of justice, wanted to buy the manor from the Cook, the owners who did not want to sell it. Philipson, therefore, accused Cook of being a thief, tried him and sentenced him to recover the manor. Before dying, Dorothy Cook cast a curse on Philipson: their skeletons would come to haunt the mansion until the Philipsons decide to leave. They found two skeletons but they had thrown them into the lake, they kept coming back until the Philipson left the mansion.

The Claife's Crier

There are many centuries, during the stormy nights, the men of the ferry heard screams on the other side of the lake. One day, a young man decided to cross to have the heart net. What he saw on the other side terrified him so much that no word left his mouth until he died the next day. The inhabitants asked a monk from the Windermere Islands to remove the ghost. On Christmas day, he took a bell and a Bible and locked the ghost in the forest, until the men had to walk on the water. Since that day, there have been many stories of men being followed by a hooded figure near the forest.


The first time Tizzie-Whizie was seen dates back to 1900. The incredible story of the fisherman who saw it then went around the city. Tizzie-Whizies are reputed to be shy creatures, adoring water and having the body of a hedgehog, the tail of a squirrel or fox and the wings of 'a bee. In 1906, one of them was caught and quickly driven to the studio of the city where, after some ginger biscuits and a glass of milk, the animal was photographed. Unfortunately, he escaped through a window left ajar. Thousands of postcards of this photograph were sold. After this episode, the fishermen led many hunts at Tizzie-Whizie. The fishermen even argue that if you never see the Tizzie-Whizie fly with its bee wings, it's because he was a very good swimmer.

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How to get there ?

Getting to Windermere

To get to Windermere by plane, the nearest airport is Barrow-en-Furness. Located about 40 kilometers from the city and served by international companies, it will connect you to Windermere in less than an hour, by bus or taxi. The roads around serve the lake and the city very well. If you do not have a car, arrive by train. The Transpennine Express connects Windermere to all major surrounding cities. Finally, outside the city's train station, you will find minibuses that will take you to charming little places that dot the lake area. Arrived at Windermere, you will be spoiled for choice to stay and eat. Small pensions run by locals and typical Old England cottages await you. Welcoming taverns and cozy pubs will allow you to eat on site.

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