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The city of Eastbourne is included to the nation England and to the county East Sussex

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Located on the south coast of England, the city of Eastbourne is a seaside resort surrounded by cliffs several meters high. It is between these chalk cliffs whose whiteness is the aesthetic specificity of the city, that it extends with its long buildings to the Victorian architecture and its beauty. Mounted on stilts pushed towards the sea. Thanks to this rocky frame, the city of Eastbourne has a micro-climate which makes it particularly pleasant and gives it its status as the sunniest city in the country. Also known for its industrial zones, Eastbourne is primarily a resort whose income number one is that of tourism. The city is full of historical and cultural riches or one-off events organized throughout the year. Museums, art galleries, castles line the route of the city to offer everyone a walk rich and to his liking.

Points of interests / things to see

Victorian Bathing Station

First and foremost, Eastbourne is known to be the sunniest city in England, as it enjoys a micro-climate thanks to its privileged location. Indeed, sheltered by high cliffs of white chalks, the city is protected from cold winds and temperatures. Thus, many Englishmen decide to spend each year a few days in Eastbourne to leave the atmosphere of the big English cities and to join their secondary residence located on this south side of the city. England. Like most cities on the English coast, Eastbourne is an elegant spa resort whose Victorian buildings spread out along a relatively calm sea. Eastbourne Beach is a long beach of white and light gray pebbles on which, during the summer period, many sporting and nautical activities are proposed. For example, you can try windsurfing or take a stroll on the pier where charming little half-timbered houses will allow you to enjoy ice cream, tea or coffee with friends, alone or with your family. . What is also the attraction of Eastbourne is undoubtedly the elegance of its architecture. It is at the end of the nineteenth century - the lorqu 'is built the railway line that connects London to Eastbourne - that the city becomes the hottest resort in the world. She's still here today. It is also at this time that we build many hotels with clear facades and the classic style that you come across along the main beach of the city. These buildings, today still hotels or boarding houses welcomed in the nineteenth century and the Belle Epoque members of the royal court, large noble families or the greatest English artists. This atmosphere can still be felt while tasting tea at Eastbourne's grand hotel, the White Palace. Some hotels have kept this luxury and splendor while most have become widely accessible to all. If the sun is not always guaranteed in England, it is still in Eastbourne that you are most likely to find it ... There are records of sunshine in this city. Beach walks, bathing beaches, veiled the enchanting natural setting that forms the decor of a city that has everything to please.

Historical wealth

Going to Eastbourne or spending some time there, you will find yourself in the heart of a city steeped in history that has attracted many artists and writers. For example, while walking in Eastbourne, you will come across a very old stone house dating back to the seventeenth century. This is where Rudyard Kipling, one of the greatest writers of English literature, author of the Jungle Book, lived. While visiting the house, you will discover the old notebooks of the author kept at these beginnings in India, a key period in imperialist England, then also drawings and sketches of the Book of the Jungle where you will rediscover Mowgli, Baloo and Shere Khan, characters who have probably rocked your childhood. Bypassing the house and strolling through the garden, you'll discover a recently restored mill that still runs a few days a week. Kipling also installed a well in this house to produce electricity, one of the first installed in the region at the time. An old Rolls Royce that belonged to the author is still parked in the house. The city as well as its region are also famous for their castles. Indeed, they are home to more than a thousand historic buildings stretching over thousands of hectares across the English countryside. One of the best known in the Eastbourne area is the Arundel Castle and its gardens, Arundel Castle. This incredible building located in the West Sussex region is a castle that dates back to the medieval era. He has been the theater of several important episodes of the history of England as the battles of the first English revolution. He later inspired the famous painter Turner and served as a decor for many historical films. If the building is interesting, the garden is equally, dotted with various inspirations, with an exoticism from the East that gives it a baroque side. Walking around these different fountains, statues, flower beds and various vegetation is magical. Not surprisingly, this magical moment was also appreciated by Lewis Caroll, the author of Alice's fabulous story in the land of wonders, who has been to dozens of times in Eastbourne. One of the most astonishing historical treasures in the city of Eastbourne is its fortress, built in the Napoleonic era. This fortress with surprising architecture is one of the most famous and famous military museums in England.

Art and culture

If Eastbourne is a city with a rich and striking past, it has also turned to the present with a particular interest for contemporary artists. Recently was inaugurated in Eastbourne the largest museum of contemporary art and modern art in the southern region of England. This building with modern architecture opens the doors to a spacious and bright gallery. This center of contemporary art attaches particular importance to the exchange that can take place with its visitors. For example, gallery owners and museum guides accompany your visit and offer many discovery programs for children and adults. These courses allow to discover the works with a sharp look. On the other hand, if you simply walk into the center of Eastbourne, you will come across many art galleries, as Eastbourne is truly a city of art. Here you can discover the works of little-known or emerging artists. If the visual arts are well represented by the city, the same goes for the theater especially, but also for the music. Five theaters with beautiful old rooms roam the city and offer shows of all kinds. The famous English musical comedy or the musical show are obviously the most represented type of shows and the summer shows of Eastbourne are particularly appreciated. Indeed, the summer, some troops decide even to present their work in the open air.

Great landscapes

Not far from Eastbourne lies a beautiful national park including a breathtaking cliff landscape, the Seven Sisters country park. If you like walking, this place is for you. On several kilometers of coastal paths at the top of the cliffs, you can admire this wild English coast in the most Olympian calm. Indeed, although the places are touristy, they are only very rarely crowded and by choosing well the schedule of your walk, you will be able to have the pleasure to find you alone in the world in this magical duel . When one arrives at the foot of the Seven Sisters cliffs, one can only be gripped by the beauty of this wild nature. There are also many species of birds as well as a rich fauna and flora that will delight nature lovers. Photographers will get a thousand shots to grasp. Note, the park offers many activities on 280 acres, walking of course, but also it is possible to rent equipment to observe birds, binoculars or long views, as well as bikes or canoes for a little more sensations of speed and freedom.

Events all year round

Thus, Eastbourne is a lively city all the year. Summer rock'n'roll bands come to present their latest tracks at the Eastbourne Festival not far from the beach. You can listen to sounds of any style. This festival is also an opportunity to discover many other arts, since it is open to any kind of artistic creation. The atmosphere of the city is relaxed and warm throughout the year. It is also rich in nightlife with its restaurants and bars, where the city's many students gather for a coffee or beer. Eastbourne is a student city that houses prestigious universities. This makes it a young and dynamic city. The cultural activities and cinemas of the city are also the permanent animation of the city. And even athletes will find their happiness because of its coastal position, the city offers the opportunity to indulge in fishing, sailing.

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Getting to Eastbourne

If you are already in England, you can go to Eastbourne by the coastal train that passes through London, but also by Brighton, a similar Eastbourne town. The train trip by the coast is very pleasant and allows you to enjoy beautiful landscapes of this region, bordered by the sea. Eastbourne station is located not far from the train station. downtown. In any case, the city is extremely well served by its public transport network and this one is particularly clear and well organized. Two bus stops and a taxi station allow you to reach the center very quickly by leaving the station. On the other hand, the nearest airport is Gatwick Airport, located in the London area and only 54 kilometers from Easbtourne. 4 other airports are located not far from Eastbourne, about 100 kilometers from the city and allow you to join it, if you come from abroad. Getting to Eastbourne by car is also quite possible. If you come from France, the Channel Tunnel from Calais connects France to Eastbourne, then passing through the English motorway. Finally, boats and ferries also regularly moor at Eastbourne.

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