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Cheltenham, a travel destination to advise

In the heart of Gloucestershire County (South West of England) and in the Cotswolds area - which can boast of being a region of natural beauty exceptional - is the city of Cheltenham. Historic spa since the eighteenth century, famous for its world of horse racing and its four annual music festivals, the city of Cheltenham has the reputation of being bourgeois and elite. © gante. It is England's dandy, well-being and the beautiful old villas that the city offers to visitors. Located more than 150 kilometers from London, Cheltenham lives at the peaceful pace of its friendly and courteous population. The city's motto is "health and education" and it is clear that culture has its place in the heart of this place which celebrates all the arts. It's impossible to get bored during a stay immersed in this ordered but never boring world, at the foot of the Costwolds Hill and at the heart of British tradition ...

Points of interests / things to see

The birth of a bourgeois city

The city of Cheltenham owes its name to its geographical location. Indeed, this word comes from the Anglo-Saxon Celtenhomme, which means "at the foot of the hill". Itâ € ™ is XVIIIème century that Captain Henry has had to Skilicorne © covered hot springs in this town whose foundation dates back to 1226. Details © already Itâ € ™ is living "r the nobility and senior Grada Of the army who benefited in the first place, establishing in fact a very popular attendance of the city. This tendency was confirmed when King George III himself came to cure his porphyria (blood disease) in the beneficial waters of Cheltenham. It is for this reason that the city now bears a coat of arms and that the cure has been renamed Royal Well. Since then, the city has developed around this prestigious reputation, attracting the biggest names in England. By adding a stellar tradition to the board, we understand better why Cheltenham has acquired this national reputation as an honorable, prosperous, even bourgeois city. It is this elegant and quiet character that visitors are looking for when they choose the city for their stay. One can apprà © cer at a downtown © surprising in its architecture, visit € ™ one of the many museums or art galleries © Dâ € ™ € ™ art and indulge at several types of sports in the city or nearby. The surrounding landscape is quiet and beautiful, adding a natural and serene character to a rather upscale holiday.

City Architecture: The English Symbol of Style Regency

The city is famous for its Regency style, of which it is the most successful example. The Regency style dates back to the early nineteenth century and is named after the fact that King George IV was then Prince Règen, as a result of the mental illness of his father George III . It represents a refined movement in the decoration as in the architectural lines. In the city there are charming houses with pastel colored walls, often with beautiful facades adorned with ironwork. The city has no less than 2,000 classified buildings, all adorned with details that deserve to be watched with attention. The synagogue has been described by one of the kingdom's most renowned art historians, Nikolaus Pevsner, as "the most beautiful religious and non-Anglican architectural building in Grande Britain ". It is among these historical buildings that visitors will immerse themselves in the cozy and delicate atmosphere of the city of Cheltenham. The only medieval building in the city, Saint Mary's Church, the Anglican parish church of Cheltenham, was erected in the 11th century. . It is visited for its originality in relation to the dominant Regency style and also for its 14th century rose window and the royal coat of arms paying tribute to George III's visit.

A cultural life

Cheltenham has embarked on the challenge of becoming a reference in the field of cultural activities. It hosts four famous festivals throughout the year at the image of the HSBC festival, an international festival of classical music ranked among the best in the country. Also in the field of music, the city also organizes a jazz festival the first weekend of May, which attracts the big names of this musical movement. The Folk Festival offers in winter, during the month of February, celebrations around folk music. But the city does not stop at musical initiatives and also organizes the literary festival of the Times since 1949 or that of science. All these events have gradually become references in their respective fields. For cultural visits, the city has several museums of high quality. This is the case of the Gustav Holst museum, which has been installed in the house of the composer of The Planets, or the Pittville pump Room and Museum, the most beautiful building in the region. city, in which are organized regularly evenings and concerts. The Town Hall is also home to several concerts and the Everyman Theater presents the city's plays and shows.

The famous Museum & Art Museum Cheltenham

But culture lovers should not miss visiting the Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, the city's reference museum that has given it a national reputation for culture. There is a fabulous collection of Arts and Crafts, inspired by William Morris, as well as a collection of decorative arts of the same movement combined with Arts Deco style. It is this place that is the emblem of culture in Cheltenham and shows the dynamism of its artistic lans.

A spa town

After the late discovery of the city's hot spring in the 18th century, it was in 1830 that a wealthy entrepreneur by the name of Joseph Pitt actually managed the spa. , building a Mediterranean-style neo-classical building in a park that still bears his name today, the Pittville Park. Nearby, there are streets with names such as Montpellier Avenue® or Tivoli Gardens. The baths then became the reason for being in this city whose train station even took the name of Cheltenham Spa. We still see everywhere in the city many references to the passage of the king who came to be healed there. Watch the royal shields in a few places called the "Royal Well" of the first spa. Italian architecture has been preserved here, setting a touch of the Mediterranean in this Welsh landscape. Tourism continues to flourish around this spa attraction and the infrastructure has gradually developed. But the city has taken advantage of this growth to create other attractions that are today as much the reputation of the city as its baths. This is particularly the case of horse racing and the highly reputable horse life of Cheltenham.

The horse town

After the thermal baths, the other great attraction of Cheltenham is its racecourse built in 1885. Horse racing has made the city famous all over England and in 1902 was created the festival of Cheltenham, whose official name is the National Hunt Meeting. This event has grown over the years to the point of becoming every March a true national institution. For 4 days there are steeplechase races, culminating in the inevitable Cheltenham Gold Cup. Because of its concomitance with St. Patrick's Day, this event sees compete with many Irish horses. It is the tourism related to the races and to this festival which took over after that of the baths began to decrease.

A sporty city

There is the oldest cricket festival in England, dating back to 1872, which takes place every year on the grounds of Cheltenham College. In addition, the city has many facilities for all athletes to indulge in their favorite discipline: football fields, rugby, golf courses and other pools and tennis courts. According to the English tradition, everything is run by clubs, a system that is quite elegant and that visitors will be able to see, but that they will be able to observe with amusement. When arriving in the city, it is advisable to inquire with various associations or clubs to see under what conditions it is possible to participate in these activities. Of course, the sport that remains in the spotlight is the horse race and you should not miss to go to the famous racecourse of the city to attend one of the races that take place there rà ©'Ã, © regularly. The season runs for several months but reaches its peak with the National Hunt Festival, also called the Gold Cup meeting, which takes place during the Cheltenham Festival. The visitor who is in town at this time of March will have the opportunity to witness a pure English tradition.

The maritime climate of Cheltenham

Like the rest of the region, Cheltenham has a maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters. On average, there are more than a hundred rainy days and the highest recorded in the city are + 37 ° C for the warmest and -20 ° C for the coldest. This rather particular climate allows the maintenance of gardens and parks in town quite luxuriant in which one takes pleasure to flirt. You can admire flower beds and floral decorations that have earned the city several times recognition nationwide.

Outings in Cheltenham: the English tradition

Cheltenham is a typical English place. So it's amazing to find the heart of English culture in the streets of the city. Those who stop for a drink in one of the city's pubs or tea shops can easily sympathize with the locals, who are often open and friendly. When it comes to restaurants, it's the typical English cuisine that awaits the visitor. Sandwiches, quiches, beef pie and other mash potatoes are the heart of the menus, accompanied by gravy gravy sauce. For cinemiles, or just the curious, a session in the movie The Screening Rooms is a very interesting experience⠀ | After having consumed cocktails and quality snacks At the bar, you can watch the projections in luxurious recliners, while having a very comfortable space.

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How to get there ?

Getting to Cheltenham

The question that remains is how to reach this place, which is about 150 kilometers from the capital of the United Kingdom. The most important airport in the region is Birmingham (83 km), but it is also possible to reach Bristol (68 kkmms), Oxford (70 km) or Gloucester (7 km). Shuttles then drive visitors to Cheltenham. However you have to worry about buses that do not run on Sundays and holidays and are often very late. Alternatively, there are frequent trains to Cheltenham from Paddington station in London. However, it is always more convenient to rent your own car in order to be completely independent and to use the M40 from London. It also allows you to explore the surrounding area without constraint, in the middle of charming country roads ... Regarding housing, the city is full of addresses. The choice is rather upscale in the hotel and budget travelers will find it more difficult to find their happiness. However, there is a fairly wide choice that should in spite of all satisfy all budgets and all tastes.

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