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The city of Manchester is included to the nation England and to the county Greater Manchester

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The capital of northern England

This British city is the second most populated, after London, of England. It does not usually stand out for its many monuments or historical remains as other cities in the United Kingdom but still, it has many things to offer. Manchester was one of the first industrialized cities in the world and focused heavily on the textile industry, an activity that invariably marked its history and evolution. With the passage of time the areas occupied by these factories became parks, cultural centers, etc., which now give another air to the city. In this city they have taken advantage of the opportunities and now without a doubt, Manchester has become the capital of the north of England, city to which everyone wants to imitate and from where they have left great musical groups, artists, filmmakers ... Come to visit Manchester is, in fact, to come and live it, to know its history and to walk through its streets, to mix with its inhabitants and discover its essence.

Points of interests / things to see

Castlefield and the Hilton Tower

This area of ​​Manchester, located in the southwest of the city is the clear representation of the industrial past of the city with the reflection of the evolution symbolized by the Hilton tower. Castlefield presents a Roman fort, a network of canals and old mills that are on the list to be considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, but not only this but they are proclaimed as living history of Manchester, as a clear example of how a city goes forward by renewing the old and transforming it into evolution. At the same time, in the area of ​​Castlefield we find new bars and places, sophisticated restaurants and numerous accommodations where you can spend a few days visiting the city. On the other hand, the Hilton Tower stands out in this area because it is a benchmark for modernity and progress. A tall building with large windows that stands out from almost anywhere in Manchester. This is the spirit that gives off the city, this mixture between what they were and what they are, this ability to continue forward knowing how to use the old spaces and creating new ones. Without a doubt, it will surely be a good walk through the history of Manchester. Tourist Information Center of Manchester: Picadilly Plaza, Portland Street, Manchester M1 4BT

Museum of science and industry

This city is deeply in the industry and science, so it is not surprising that there is a museum dedicated to both. We found it in the area of ​​Castlefield, once a very important industrial center in this city. In what was the oldest passenger train station in the world, there is the MOSI, a museum designed for the interest of all kinds of people. Both large and small will be impressed with the interactive exhibits offered by the museum. There are also very interesting exhibitions of old cars and old industrial machinery. With the permanent exhibitions we can learn how the industrial revolution occurred in Manchester and transformed the cities and the way of life of the whole country. Also in the MOSI you can participate in workshops or take a ride in an old locomotive drill. The enclosure is fully accessible for all types of people and has picnic areas and cafeterias. More information: Hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day Location: Liverpool Road, Castlefield. Manchester How to get there: Deansgate is the nearest train station, just 5 minutes walk from the MOSI.

Jonh Rylands Library

This library is located in the center of the city of Manchester, in Deansgate. It is famous for housing several pieces of great historical value as the oldest original fragment of the New Testament, also known as the San Juan fragment. It also houses one of the two existing copies of The Death of Arthur by William Caxton of 1485 and another treasure that can be found in this library is known as the Colonna Missal, illustrated by hand by Giulio Clovio. The library, which in its day was the tycoon of the textile industry, Jonh Rylands today belongs to the University of Manchester. Its interior is neo-Gothic and its stained glass windows resemble a cathedral. Perhaps on the outside, the building does not impress too much, it is also surrounded by modern buildings and the entrance to the Library is also done by a new annex that introduces you to the world of contrasts. Once inside you can walk the stairs and corridors full of gothic decoration, with sculptures and domes. In the central area of ​​the Library you will find the main room with two large stained glass windows presiding. Remember to move and wander in total silence, there are always students filling the rooms, learning new topics. More information:

The Cathedral of Manchester

This building located in the center of the city is one of the most emblematic of Manchester. It is a Gothic style cathedral dating back to 1485. It has undergone several restructurings, especially since a bomb fell on it during World War II. Its official name is â € œChurch Cathedral and Collegiate Church of Santa Maria, San Dionisio and San Jorge in Manchesterâ €. In addition to the religious services in this Cathedral, there are also other events such as the celebration of the "Manchester Grammar School Founder's Day" on the third Friday of October of each year. The Cathedral also sponsors the International Religious Poetry Contest now open to children as well. In 2010 he hosted the inaugural sermon of the Manchester Literature Festival. This building can be visited during any of its events or on any other day, in a more leisurely, quiet and solitary way. You can enjoy its architecture, some of its religious celebrations, its choir or have a coffee in the surroundings. There is the possibility of guided tours, but they are suspended if there is an important event: check in first! Address: Victoria Street, Manchester. M3 1SX Telephone: 0161 833 2220 More information:

The palace and the pool

The Victoria Baths is a place with a lot of history in the city of Manchester. This building, which deserves a visit, although it is only on the outside, of Victorian style was built in 1906 and became the most modern, most beautiful pool with the best facilities in the United Kingdom. It was something the people of Manchester could be proud of. For a long time it was used as a place for leisure, recreation and relaxation. Here they also trained water sports teams such as water polo. Over time, the Victoria Bath was left in disuse and abandoned but a few years ago, the government decided to restore it and restore the shine and quality that it gave off at another time. At the moment it returns to look like yesteryear, with its architecture, its tiles and its Victorian airs. This building is very rooted in the history of Manchester and that's why its citizens fought hard not to close it. Now you can visit to know all the ins and outs of its history and also rent to celebrate events. Address: Hathersage Road, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester M13 0FE Tel: 0161 224 2020 More information:

Walks in the countryside ...

From the Department of the Environment, some routes have been set up, marked by the wild areas around Manchester for the improvement and conservation of agricultural lands, their fauna and flora. There are several well-marked routes that will take us to explore more natural places away from cities with the option of knowing better the fauna and flora that surrounds us. Work farms are traversed where farmers do their best to conserve the environment. For more information consult:

A trip to Liverpool

The city of the Beatles is less than an hour from Manchester so it can be a very good option to make a break. Very well connected with public transport can be reached by train without problems. The atmosphere of the city is spectacular and there are always live performances in the bars that flood Liverpool. You can visit the museum of British mythical band, The Beatles, and many other leisure and cultural options. It is a very lively city full of things to do.

The fortress city of York

We can find this city more than an hour's drive from Manchester, but it is also very well connected by public transport. It is worth visiting this historic British fortress city that has had so much importance in its 2000 years of history. In York it is advisable to walk, almost everything is worth admiring, from its castles, the ruins of the Abbey of Santa Maria, the Micklegate Bar, the York Minster or the Skeldergate Bridge. In this city you can walk and enjoy the beauty of its buildings at once.

Visit to Chester

Chester is a beautiful city located one hour from Manchester. With connection with this both by train and bus is a good option to make a break if we are spending a few days in the city of Old Trafford. Chester offers a very special architecture, especially the buildings of its main street, and is surrounded by a Roman wall worthy of a visit. In this city there are many interesting places to visit such as the Cathedral, the River Dee and its Roman bridge or the walls. Take the opportunity to enjoy a day strolling the streets of Chester.

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How to get there ?

How to get there

By plane: Manchester airport is only 17 kilometers away from the city and very well connected with it both by train and by bus. The advantage of this airport over others in England is that even low-cost airlines arrive, which makes flights somewhat cheaper. More information: By train: Northern Rail offers regular, fast and direct train service to almost all places in the north. More information at: For long distance trips you can consult with the company First Transpennine Express, By subway: to move around the city the best option is to use the metro lines. They also link with the main stations, both train and bus. More information at: You can also make trips on foot if time permits. By bus: Stagecoach is the company that makes trips around the region of Manchester. More information: and In general, getting around Manchester is not difficult, there are many public transport options and buying in advance you can find good prices. It's a matter of organizing.

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