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The city of Liverpool is included to the nation England and to the county Merseyside

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The city of Liverpool is located in Merseyside, England. This city has become famous for the famous rock group, The Beatles, its well known football (or soccer as Americans know it), and its happening night life. This city has won numerous awards and recognitions, including the Capital of Culture in 2008. It is also home the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pier Head Waterfront. In addition to being the birthplace of the Beatles, this city has also seen the rise of Gerry & the Pacemakers, and the Echo & the Bunnymen. With so much to see, Liverpool is a city you will be incredibly pleased to visit.

Points of interests / things to see

Liverpool Central Library

This is a great place to come and get inspired. The architecture of the library is truly delightful. In the main hall, you will find a total of four floors. Each of them is connected by a stairway set in the diagonal. You can head over to the older portion of the library which is also stunningly beautiful in and of itself. From the top of the library, you can enjoy some stunning views of the city. The glass dome roof is truly impressive. In the bottom of the building you will find delightful children’s section which is shaped like an amphitheatre. This area is perfect both for watching, reading, and listening. Entrance to the library is free, and you can easily enjoy some wonderful time exploring. Its a great place to see both locals and visitors enjoying this great public space. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to get some work done or just relax for a while. This library is a great place to visit on your trip to Liverpool.  Be sure to checkout both the Picton Reading Room and Homby LIbrary for something really special. Take a moment to appreciate the old oak in the reading room.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

This cathedral was originally completed in 1978. Its the largest Anglican cathedral in all of Europe. Upon walking inside, you will be struck by the impressive space. The inside space is unadorned in order to emphasize the vastness. You can explore the heights of the tower and reach some gorgeous views of the city through a combination of elevator and stair journey. To fully experience these views, you’ll need to pay a small fee. Currently, it just costs four pounds. There are frequent choir performances in the cathedral. There is also a gift shop here selling a wide range of devotional and other gift items. The cathedral itself was designed  by Gilbert Scot. He is also famous for creating the iconic red telephone box. It is made of red sandstone. You can see the Catholic Cathedral just down the same street, known as Hope Street. Occasionally the Liverpool Philarmonic Orchestra also performs here. You can also visit the cathedral’s cemetery which is full of interesting inscriptions. When you are ready to grab some grub, you can head over to the restaurant housed in the Cathedral. There are guides available to help you get the most out of your experience. Learn more here:

World Museum

The World Museum is five floors of fun. There are so many interesting things to see. Some of the highlights include the on-site aquarium, the Bug House, and the Weston Discovery center featuring earth and dinosaurs from all over time. On site there are two cafes and two gift shops to enjoy. To enter costs a mere six pounds for adults. The exhibits here are designed to be interactive. This engages you in the learning process in a way others can not. For example, the butterfly, bug, fossil, and plant collections are kept in drawers which you can pull out and explore at your own pace. The bug house features a total of ten different types of live bugs including spiders, cockroaches, and ants. The world culture portion of the museum is quite rich featuring everything from African cultures to Asian items. Given the height of the museum, there is an excellent lift to help with mobility and ease of access. The museum can get rather crowded, so its good to get there early in the day before the majority of people show up. Be sure to ask the staff any of your questions. They are all well trained and knowledgeable about the exhibits on display. Learn more here:

Walker Art Gallery

This gorgeous art gallery is full of stunning art set in a beautiful building. The pieces on display here range from the thirteenth century to the contemporary pieces. The Walker Art Gallery features pieces from famous artists such as Rembrandt, Turner, Millais, and Freud. In addition to the paintings found here, there is also a sculpture collection as well as a craft and design gallery. For younger art lovers, you’ll find the Big Art for Little Artists interactive display. This area is specially designed for children eight and up. You can easily spend a few hours exploring all the pieces on display here. The gallery is sized so that you won’t feel overwhelmed, unlike some bigger art museums. The collection is diverse enough that you are very likely to find something to suit your tastes. One of the highlights of the collection is Holbein’s Henry VIII painting which is quite large. After taking in some of these interesting pieces, head over to the on site shop and cafe. If you are carrying more than you would like while exploring the museum, you can rent one of the lockers to hold your belongings. This gallery is completely free to enter, so anyone on a budget will definitely want to take a look. Learn more here:

The Beatles Story

If you love The Beatles, you need to experience The Beatles Story. This attraction will take you through the life and times of this famous rock band. You will learn how these four young men were propelled into the intensity of world fame. This attraction is actually located on two different sites: the Albert Dock, and a site just a quick ten minute walk away. At the Albert Dock, you will find an exhibit dedicated to the story of the Beatles, the Fab4Store featuring a wide array of memorabilia, an interactive Discovery Zone, and even a special Starbucks dedicated to the Beatles. At the second site, you will find the Fab4D experience, a breathtaking movie exploring this famous group, the Beatles Hidden Gallery, and the Imagine Liverpool Store. There is also some rotating exhibit space which currently houses “Elvis and Us” which highlights the connection with Graceland and The Beatles. Elvis had a great deal of influence on this famous rock band. Throughout the exhibits you will get to experience an impressive collection of rare artifacts, some of which have never previously been displayed for the general public. You can grab a headset which allows you to travel through the attraction at your own pace. There is even a special headset tour for children which is sure to keep the happy and captivated. Check it out here:

Big Ben

This famous London attraction is a must for anyone’s first visit to the UK. This Elizabeth Tower has become an icon for the city. The tower itself houses 334 spiraling stone steps and features a large bell strike each hour. UK residents can arrange an insider’s tour, but non-UK residents will need to admire this icon from the outside. Go ahead and get close to the tower and you’ll be able to take some truly impressive photos. The tower is easily accessible via public transportation, and is conveniently located to many other top tourist destinations in London. 

The Lion King

This is an outstanding London Musical. It has been running with a packed house at the Lyceum Theatre in London for quite some time. Based on the Disney movie, this live action musical performance is something you will not soon forget. The Lyceum is an impressive venue, and adds to the already unforgettable stage performance. Animal lovers, children, and those who appreciate musicals are sure to get a kick out of this show. Every details, from the set design to the costuming, is carefully tended to. You are guaranteed to be humming the songs to yourself as you exit the theatre. 

The Manchester Museum

This museum features treasures from all over the world. You’ll find everything from dinosaur remains to ancient Egyptian artifacts. In the special interactive areas of the museum, you are actually able to handle some of the collection’s objects. The museum is located just outside of the center of Manchester and is a part of the local university. The exhibits here are a delight to both young and old visitors. The museum is easily accessible via train. When your educational adventure depletes your energy stores, there is a delightful cafe on site to meet all your dinning and energy needs. Learn more:

Royal Exchange Theatre

This award winning theatre is in the center of the city of Manchester. You can find everything being performed here from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams. If you are looking for an entirely new experience, the Royal Exchange Theatre is one of the best theatres for showcasing new works in the country. The theatre is designed to be circular, so that there are a large number of “front row seats.” You are sure to have a seat with a great view when you come to one of these performances. On site you will find The Round restaurant, the Bar Exchange, and the Craft Shop. There are also several exhibitions. Workshops and educational events are held regularly here as well.

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Making Your Way to Liverpool

Liverpool is served by its own airport known as the Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Each day there are approximately one hundred and sixty flights arriving here from all over the UK and Europe. The low cost airlines offering service here include Easyjet and Ryanair. An alternative airport is the Manchester International Airport. It is between forty five to sixty minutes away from Liverpool by car. You can grab a train connecting the Manchester airport to the Liverpool Lime Street Station. This Northern Rail line operates hourly. The Manchester airport offers service to and from a wider range of destinations, so it may be more convenient for international travelers. Another method to reach Liverpool is via boat. Several cruise liner ships offer service to the Liverpool City Center near to the Pier Head. You can grab ferry service here to and from Douglas in the Isle of Man as well as Belfast in Northern Ireland. It is fairly easy to get to Liverpool via train. Frequent trains come to and from Manchester, London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leeds, and York. Another option is to ride in a vehicle to Liverpool. National Express is a scheduled coach company which has a bus station very close to the Liverpool City Center. If you are coming from London, this coach service will take you anywhere between four to five hours. Another option is Megabus. This bus service can also take you from London to Liverpool and costs around one pound.

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