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The city of Milton Keynes is included to the nation England and to the county Milton Keynes

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Located about 45 miles northwest of London, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom is known for its blend of modern and historical cultures. Visitors can explore how Milton Keynes has flawlessly connected to opposites, modern and historical, to make a fantastic environment for guests and residents alike. Weather in Milton Keynes is about 5 degrees Celsius during the winter months and about 20 degrees Celsius during the summer months. Milton Keynes operates on the Greenwich Mean Time Zone and accepts the British Pound as currency. Milton Keynes is great for visitation, not just for cultural visits, but for family fun, bars and pubs, and excellent dining experiences.

Points of interests / things to see

Laughter in Milton Keynes

The Comedy Cow is a popular comedy club in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. The club is fun, the comedy is diverse, and the audience is always entertained. All guests of over 18 years old are welcome to come enjoy the Comedy Cow, which is run as a hobby by school teachers. Different acts and performers are up at the Comedy Cow regularly. Guests can book their tickets accordingly, booking a time and day where favorite performers are up on stage at the Comedy Cow. The people of the Comedy Cow do their very best to make everyone’s visit and the show itself the best it can be. For this reason, certain rules have been established to help make everyone’s time enjoyable. These rules, including avoiding interaction with the comedians unless they request a guest’s interaction, and keeping cell phones off, can be found on the Comedy Cow website. The Comedy Cow operates nights at the red dot bar in Milton Keynes. Booking inquiries, including inquiries for private comedy parties, can be made by email at or by telephone at 07790864217. More information on the Comedy Cow, including new acts, schedules, and more can be found on the Comedy Cow website at

Live Concerts in UK

The National Bowl is a popular concert area in Milton Keyes, United Kingdom. It has recently hosted concerts performed by Eminem, Linkin Park, and Green Day. Thousands of guests, local and foreign gather to the National Bowl for such shows as these and more. The National Bowl amphitheater is open air without seating. The lack of seating is actually beneficial, particularly when partnered with the positioning and structural build of the stage. These two elements together give the entire audience an excellent view of the show. Also found at the National Bowl are concession stands and restrooms. Food, drink, and restrooms are available when guests come to visit their favorite singer or performer. Alcohol is also available at the concession stands for those of appropriate age and valid ID. Some things aren’t allowed in the amphitheater, such as glass bottles, fireworks, banners, and audio and video recorders. The purpose of these restrictions allow for the best out of the show for all visitors. Tickets to upcoming events at The National Bowl can be found online at or The National bowl is located at Watling Street (V4), Milton Keynes, MK5 8AA. The National Bowl can be contacted by email at More information on the National Bowl can be found on the website at

Clubbing in MK

Cookies and Cream is a popular local bar and club in Milton Keynes, UK. Cookies and Cream tries to best serve any and all parties. This bar offers excellent services, whether guests come in alone, or come with a group of 50 others for an award ceremony. Cookies and Cream handles everything and everyone, providing everyone the best possible experience. Guests may come for cocktails after work, cocktails with friends, or even cocktails before the theatre, which is located conveniently nearby in the city center. Guests may register with Cookies and Cream for updated newsletters on special offers and events at the club. Guests may also book their own special events and gatherings with Cookies and Cream, for a full, fun experience. Regardless of who or how many, guests will enjoy themselves in the fun, lit, trendy bar area, the pumped dance floor, or even mingling on the balcony. Cookies and Cream is open three days weekly (Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays); 9pm to 3am on Thursdays, 9pm to 4am on Fridays, and 9pm to 4am on Saturdays. Entry to Cookies and Cream requires a valid ID for all guests, regardless of age. Also, Cookies and Cream does have a dress code, which can be checked on the bar’s website at More information on booking parties and the Cookies and Cream theme may be found on this website. For other inquiries, guests may contact Cookies and Cream by telephone at 01908 234234 or by email at Cookies and Cream is located at 3 Savoy Crescent, Milton Keynes, MK9 3PU, near the local theatre.

Be A Spy in MK

Si5 Spy Missions is a great family stop in Milton Keyes, UK for children in particular. Although everyone is welcome to join in the fun, children particularly have fun in this almost real spy world. Guests of Si5 Spy Missions are given an objective and a mission to stop the evildoing of the situation. Guests of two to over 16 people are invited to enjoy the spy mission given to them. Guests of larger groups are offered discounted prices and split into smaller groups to solve the mission. Si5 Spy Missions is approved for people over six years old. Groups of two to three people ages eight years old and up are priced at 14 Pounds; four to ten people ages 8 years old and up are priced at 12.50 Pounds; eleven to fifteen people ages 8 years old and up are priced at 11 Pounds; sixteen or more people ages eight and up are priced at 10 Pounds. Groups of any number ages six to seven years old are priced at 9 Pounds. Food is also available for all players at just 4 Pounds. Si5 Spy Missions also handles parties and other special events. Si5 Spy Missions is located at The Grid, Snowdon Drive, Winterhill, Milton Keynes, MK6 1BU and can be contacted by telephone at 08444515515 ext. 1. Si5 Spy Missions may also be contacted by email at More information on Si5 Spy Missions may be found on the spy website at

Beauty in MK

The Stowe Gardens, in Milton Keynes, UK, is a breathtakingly beautiful garden created by a once very powerful family. Though the typical garden may cover one’s front yard, this particular garden covers an expanse of about 250 acres. The Stowe Gardens, however large, is nothing short of beautiful and inspirational. The Stowe Gardens has influenced writers, poets, philosophers, artists, and more. The common tourist is not uncommonly swayed by the amazement found in the Stowe Gardens. Forty monuments and temples can be found in the Stowe Gardens, another key point to the Stowe Gardens. Several different trails are available to take through the Stowe Gardens, to see the nature of the garden itself, the monuments highlighted and represented, the lakes casting sparkling lights over their surfaces, the valleys that dip down below the surface of the garden only to return again, and so much more. Dogs are also welcome to enjoy the Stowe gardens, explore its landscape, and enjoy the fresh waters from bowls placed conveniently by the park. Several amenities are available to the park, including all family needs, dog needs, a café, a bicycle route, and even a gift shop. Standard prices for full park access for adults is 8.20 Pounds, 4.10 Pounds for children, 20.50 Pounds for families, 7.80 Pounds for adult groups, and 3.90 for child groups. Parkland is open from dawn to dusk, while the rest of the park is open from 10am to 4pm. The Stowe Gardens are located at Buckinghamshire MK18 5EQ and can be contacted by telephone at 01494 755568 for more information. The Stowe Gardens may also be contacted by email at More information on the Stowe Gardens may be found on the garden’s webpage at

Safari Near MK

Britain’s largest drive through safari park is called Woburn Safari Park. This park is packed with fantastic animals, from lions to tigers to emus. Guests can tour these animals any number of times by vehicle, touring the action of fantastic creatures several times in one day. Guests may also take the foot path, with the added benefit of having lunch during this excursion. Guests may even spend the night at Woburn Safari park at the Woburn Inn. Several ticket options are available at Woburn Safari Park. Annual passes, single day tickets, and discounted rates are all offered. Single day prices for adults is 15.99 Pounds, 11.99 Pounds for children, and 13.99 Pounds for seniors. Family day tickets are offered online only at 35.99 Pounds for one adult and two children, 49.99 Pounds for two adults and two children, and 59.99 Pounds for two adults and three children. Woburn Safari Park is located at Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, MK17 9QN. Woburn Safari Park may be contacted by telephone at 01525 290826 or by email by filling out their online contact form at More information about Woburn Safari Park may be found on their website at

The World's Noisiest Sport Near MK

The FIA European Drag Racing Championships are filmed for television at the Santa Pod Raceway. The Santa Pod Raceway is home to European Drag Racing, an thrilling, smashing, and the loudest sport in the world. The Santa Pod Raceway hosts over 50 events during the racing season, which lasts nearly all year, from January to November. Tickets to any of the Santa Pod Raceway events may be purchased online at or by telephone at 01234 782828. Early booking offers a 20% discount on tickets, but advance booking is abject to a booking fee of 2 Pounds. Other ticket prices and discounts vary depending on the event, time, and visitor’s needs. More information on ticketing at the Santa Pod Raceway can be found at The Santa Pod Raceway is located at Airfield Road, Podington, Wellingborough, Northants, NN29 7XA, England. The Santa Pod Raceway may be contacted by email by filling out the online contact form at The Santa Pod Raceway may also be contacted internationally by telephone at +44 1234 782828. More information on the Santa Pod Raceway may be found on the track’s website at

Harry Potter Up Close Near MK

In Watford, UK, near Milton Keynes, is the studio where all eight Harry Potter films were formed. Harry Potter is a world famous book and film series. As of May 2012, guests were welcome onto the set for a three hour tour of the actual set where the films were choreographed. The Harry Potter Studio Tour features popular exhibits such as the “Great Hall” and “Dumbledore’s Office”, popular places in the films. Tickets are available for groups, individually, and families. For adults 16 years old and up, tickets are 30 Pounds, 22.50 Pounds for children ages 5 to 15 years old, 89 Pounds for families, and free for children under 5 years old. The Harry Potter Studio Tour can be contacted by telephone at 08450 840 900 from 8am to 6pm weekly or 10am to 5pm on weekends. Guests may also contact the Harry Potter Studio Tour by email by filling out the online contact form at The Harry Potter Studio Tour is located at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden, Aerodrome Way, Leavesden, Hertfordshire, WD25 7LS. More information on the Harry Potter Studio Tour may be found on the website at

Ashridge Protects the Ancient World Near MK

Ashridge National Trust was founded over a century ago by three passionate Victorians. Today, the dream is still being lived by just as passionate others who strive to save history and the wilderness. Ancient forests, historical buildings, and other artifacts have been preserved for years and years by these passionate and thoughtful people, and shared with the world, as it should be. There are several points to see in Ashridge National Trust, including buildings, gardens, and monuments; all of which are open to the public for viewing and enjoyment. Ashridge National Trust is located about 25 miles from Milton Keynes. Guests may search for a certain place to visit in Ashridge, including a guide to its expanse at; and choose accordingly to plan a visit. More information on Ashridge National Trust may be found on the website at

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A Trip Around Milton Keynes, UK

Travelling to Milton Keynes, United Kingdom is very easily done by land travel. However, air travel is also available, the nearest airport being the London Luton Airport, located just 23 miles from the city center in Milton Keynes. Overseas travel to Milton Keynes is best done by flight. Travel to Milton Keynes by land is best done by bus or car. The bus system to and within Milton Keynes is simple to use. Tickets are easily accessible for buses in Milton Keynes. Public bus information, such as schedules and routes can easily be found at information desks, such as at libraries, throughout the city. This information is given for free and helps guests to easily navigate this city. Travel by car to and around Milton Keynes is possibly even simpler than bus travel. Milton Keynes is easily located, with direct routes to the city center. Parking in Milton Keynes is found in reasonable abundance, with most parking being free or lightly priced. Parking in the city center may even be paid with a smartphone, for easier, faster access to spaces. Parking in the city center is also free after 6pm. The roads in Milton Keynes are also easily navigated, with most roads running along a grid, north and south, or east and west. The roads are also set widely for a reduced possibility of traffic problems. Milton Keynes hosts a smooth travel system, particularly by car.

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