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The city of Harrogate is included to the nation England and to the county North Yorkshire

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Harrogate, spa town

The city of Harrogate is located in the county of Yorkshire, east of Great Britain, and has more than 151,000 inhabitants. The origins of the town date back to the seventeenth century with the union of two nearby settlements called High and Low Harrogate respectively. During the sixteenth century the benefits of water in this area were discovered thanks to the large amounts of iron it contains, and throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries these benefits were made known, making Harrogate a healthy vacation destination for the high Georgian society. Harrogate offers its visitors several examples of architecture worth mentioning as well as natural spaces and parks in addition to its thermal waters. The climate in Harrogate is humid and cold, with average temperatures of 18 degrees centigrade in summer and 3 degrees during winter. The currency of use is the pound sterling and the time is governed by the meridian of Greenwich.

Points of interests / things to see

Ripley Castle

The castle Ripley shows the passage of the history of England through the avatars of the Ingilby family, to whom the castle still belongs after 700 years. The tour of the castle allows you to visit a large part of its rooms, such as the living room, the oval room, the library or the gentlemen's room. The rooms are decorated with furniture of the time, some of the rooms have furniture from the Chippendale family, who lived for a time in the castle. Portraits of members of the Ingilby family hang on the walls. The library has some very old pieces, such as a seventeenth-century recipe book handwritten by the castle's housekeeper. From some of these rooms you get magnificent views of the gardens and the lake that can also be visited and where you can enjoy native plants that give color almost all year. The castle is located about 5 kilometers from Harrogate, buses on line 36 travel from Monday to Saturday every 20 minutes. Address: Ripley, Harrogate, United Kingdom. Hours: 9: 00- 4:30 pm. Price: £ 10.50. Gardens only 7 lbs. Telephone: +44 1423 770152 Website:

Brimham Rocks

The Brimham rocks are natural formations that are conserved in a strange balance that seems to defy the laws of nature. All rocks have formed naturally, although it may seem that the hand of man is behind this rare open-air museum. These monoliths with round, square shapes, and composed mostly of several rocks stacked on top of each other, formed hundreds of thousands of years ago. Due to the shapes that the rocks have taken remembering everyday figures of today's life these have been baptized with names like the elephant, the hippopotamus or the mushroom. Among all the rocks of Brimham the well-known one like Idol Rock is the one that catches the attention since it is a great rock of strange forms with approximately 200 tons of weight that stays in balance on a tiny base. Brimham rocks are 16 kilometers away from Harrogate. The best way to get there is to take the Brimham Rocks road, the journey takes approximately 25 minutes. Address: Summer Bridge, Harrogate, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 01423 780688. < br /> e-mail: Website:

Gardens of Harlow Carr

The gardens of Harlow Carr are located on the outskirts of the town of Harrogate and extend over just over 27 hectares. These gardens were built around the spa house that was built in 1840, to offer an incentive to its visitors, currently the building is used as a meeting room and library, and the gardens, although they look similar to their origins , are now significantly more extensive. The garden is composed of forests of large trees which include pines, green meadows, gardens composed of wild flowers and some historic gardens and special features, such as winter garden, the ornamental garden or the aromatic garden. The life in the garden follows the course of the seasons, the plant of the month is chosen depending on the season and temperature to let shine in all its splendor to the most indicated plant at every moment. The gardens are located about 3 kilometers away from Harrogate, buses on line 6 connect the city with the gardens in just over 20 minutes, with frequencies of 40 minutes. Address: Crag Lane, Harrogate, United Kingdom . Schedule: March 1-November 8 9: 30-18: 00; 9 November-28 February 9: 30-16: 00. Price: 8.75 pounds. Phone: +44 0845 265 8070 Website: http: //

Church of San Wilfrido

The Church of St. Wilfrid is an Anglican parish located in the center of Harrogate designed by Temple Lushington Moore in 1904. Construction work was delayed for economic reasons, thus the presbytery was completed in 1914, the transept in 1924, the nave in 1932 and finally the chapel in honor of the Virgin was finished in 1935. The church of San Wilfrido is the only building in Harrogate designated as grade I, that is, building of exceptional interest. church has two organs, the oldest dating from 1928 and is certified as a historical organ since 1998, the newest is a chamber organ acquired in 1995. The church offers organ concerts, you can check schedules on their website. Another attraction of the visit to the church of San Wilfrido is the ringing of bells that still serves to announce the eminent start of the mass, but you can also learn to play l As bells and have a fun time. The church has 8 bells in the main tower, each bell has a different weight and is made to sound with different techniques which makes the visit even more stimulating. Address: DuchyRoad, Harrogate, United Kingdom. < br /> Tel: +44 1423 504629 e-mail: Website:

Royal Hall

The Royal Hall of Harrogate is one of the most important entertainment and leisure spaces in the United Kingdom outside of London. In this place, events, exhibitions and other cultural activities are held and it is the cultural place of reference in the north of England. In fact the Royal Hall is one of the main attractions and an important reason for many tourists to go to Harrogate. The building was opened to the public in 1903 to accommodate large receptions and was only used on special occasions. After the two world wars, in the 50s of the 20th century the building became a cinema, like most of its genre, but its managers did not resign themselves to finding a better use for such an important building. the city. In this way, in 1997 a remodeling and restoration of the building was carried out, which was finally reopened in 2008 as a venue for the Harrogate culture. It is currently the site of the Gilbert and Sullivan International Film Festival that takes place over three weeks in July every year. Address: Ripon Road, Harrogate, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 1423 500500 Website:


York is a city with a lot of history, county capital and old fortress. The charm of this city lies in the combination of its years of history with the modernity it shows today. One of the must-see visits in York is to its cathedral, the largest in the Gothic style of northern Europe and characterized, of course, by its beautiful stained glass windows and the amount of light that they let in the interior of the temple. The Yorkshire Museum, the York Art Gallery and a walk along the banks of the Ouse River should complete the visit. York is 34 kilometers from Harrogate, you can take the train from Leeds-York, which takes you in 40 minutes. .


Leeds is a beautiful medieval city that after decades known only for its industry is gaining cultural importance thanks to having an Opera House with its own repertoire and ballet company and one of the largest art galleries in the United Kingdom. . The Millennium Square gathers many of the main buildings of Leeds, such as the City Hall and the Civic Theater. In the neighborhood of Victoria you will find the best shops in the whole city. Between Leeds and Harrogate there are 26 kilometers that are easily covered in a bus of the lines 36, 326, 380 and 561 that have 15 minute frequencies.

North York Moors National Park

The North York Moors National Park covers an area of ​​1,435 square kilometers and is famous for its wonderful views. The park is characterized by its extensions of heather, its large valleys and its spectacular coastline. The park not only offers natural wonders, thanks to its extensive history you can find prehistoric sites, some examples of Gothic architecture and even a bunker from the Cold War era. You can walk the park by walking or cycling. The park is 85 kilometers from Harrogate, the best way to get there is by taking the A170 road.


Nidderdale is an area of ​​603 square kilometers protected since 1994 with the intention of preserving the natural beauty of its landscapes. Nidderdale offers the possibility to enjoy nature and admire beautiful landscapes, but also has a rich historical and architectural heritage that is worth exploring. The small localities of the area also offer the possibility of enjoying traditional food to complete the visit. Nidderdale is 22 kilometers away from Harrogate, buses on Line 24 make the journey in 52 minutes with frequencies of one hour.

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How to get there ?

Harrogate, very well connected

By plane: the closest airport to Harrogate is the Leeds Bradford Airport, 20 kilometers away. This airport receives international flights mainly from other European cities operated by airlines Ryannair, Monarch, KLM, British Airways, Jet2 and Austrian Airlines among others. From the airport you can not take a train directly to Harrogate, it is necessary to travel to Leeds. The trains depart from the airport and the journey takes about half an hour. The price of the single ticket is 3.60 pounds. By road: the A61 road connects Harrogate to the north and the south of the island, while the A59 communicates this town with the other cities to the east and west . By train: Harrogate is well connected to the rest of Great Britain by train. From Leeds the journey lasts 35 minutes and the price of the single ticket is 7.90 pounds. In most cases you have to transfer to Leeds to reach the final destination, for example London or Manchester. Website: In the city: Harrogate is not a big city in which it is necessary to use the means of transport to move from one place to another, it is preferable to walk to enjoy the charm of the city.

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