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The city of Scarborough is included to the nation England and to the county North Yorkshire

Presentation of the destination

Beaches, mountains and history for your holidays

The truth is that if you analyze carefully we could say that this city has everything for a good holiday: the beach, the cliffs, the adventure and a lot of history to tell. The fact that it is located on the coast means that visitors can enjoy not only the beaches but also all the activities that the sea offers such as sports or boat trips. In addition, the proximity to the North York Moors National Park or the Great Yorkshire Forest makes it possible to be in contact with nature and practice hiking and other activities. Of course, the city is full of a variety of accommodation and a host of cultural and fun offerings for all types of tastes and vacations.

Points of interests / things to see

The Scarborough Castle

This ancient castle was once a symbol of the glorious stage through which the city of Scarborough passed. Still today it is an essential ornamental part of the city and one of the most important tourist visits in the north of England. With its more than 2,500 years of history, it is located in a privileged place, offering visitors spectacular panoramic views of the entire Yorkshire coast. It seems that the first remains of the castle were from the Roman era and served as a reference for boats. From the 12th century on, the castle took the shape it still tries to conserve today, with numerous reforms and maintenance behind it. Undoubtedly the views from the highest tower of the castle are of incalculable beauty. You will observe all of Scarborough Bay, the beach and part of its surroundings, as well as the North Shore direction. In spite of the conditions in which the castle is maintained, half reduced, the visit is worthwhile and it can take you two hours to wander through history. But the best thing is the global vision that will be remembered in his retina and in his camera in the city of Scarborough. More information:

The beaches of the city

The city has four beautiful beaches to enjoy: On the one hand we have South Bay Beach which is the busiest of them all. The shape of the beach and its orientation to the south make it combined with fine sand and the sunny days of summer become the perfect combination to enjoy a day of beach with family or friends, a quiet bath in the water and some rays of sunlight that give us a little color. It is easy to access, has a nearby car park and is equipped with the highest quality services. On the other hand we have the North Bay Beach that differs from the first in that it does not have the road so close. This beach has the blue flag accreditation which means that both its waters and its sand are of the highest quality. When the tide is low, you can take a few baths in the rock pools that form. Cayton Bay Beach has nothing to do with the previous two. To be so close to Scarborough is a completely quiet beach, away from the hustle and bustle of the countryside. And finally we have also Cornalina Bay Beach which is much harder to find and access but equally beautiful and quiet. More information:

Art and museums

In Scarborough they boast of having one of the oldest museums in the world. The William Smith Geology Museum: Rotunda, was opened in 1829. It was closed for a time due to its poor conditions and after investing a lot of money in its rehabilitation it was reopened in 2008 with a new ground floor that added a garden area. This museum has the fame of keeping in its interior the â € œCosta de los Dinosauriosâ € in addition to all the geology studied from the 19th century until the 21st. More information at: The Scarborough Art Gallery occupies an Italian-style villa in the center of the city. It shows a large amount of contemporary and historical art accompanied by the wonderful views offered by the building from the first floor. In the attic there is another ideal exhibition area for art students where they can learn about renowned artists. In addition to its permanent collections you can also find numerous temporary collections that make the offer as varied as possible. Other types of activities are also offered, such as talks and talks about art. More information:

The theaters of Scarborough

In Scarborough there is a wide offer and theatrical tradition. You can enjoy all kinds of works in a very different environment. Here is a list of the main theaters of the city: On the one hand there is the Stephen Joseph Theater founded originally in 1955 but in its current location since 1990. This theater has 2 rooms, one with a capacity for 404 people and another with 165. It is here that the internationally acclaimed Sir Alan Ayckbourn always premieres his works, attracting audiences from all over the United Kingdom. More information at: The Scarborough Open Air Theater is simply unique. An open-air theater with capacity for 6,500 people, in an idyllic setting surrounded by countryside and with a lake. In this theater have been famous people of the most diverse. It is an ideal place to enjoy a good concert during the sunset. More information at: There are other smaller theaters like The Futurist Theater that now presents an uncertain future but brings the show's greats to the city. We also have the YMCA Theater that has supported the youngest talents in the city for many years. A little smaller but also of very good quality.

Peasholm Park

One of the best places to have a good time in the city of Scarborough is the Peasholm park located in the North Bay of the city. It is a historic and unique park where you can enjoy with the many leisure options offered. It has a beautiful and quiet lake that during the summer months offers the option of renting several types of boats for pleasant walks through its waters. There are also free outdoor concerts during the months of good weather. You can have a drink while listening to music because there are several cafés but the option of taking your own picnic is great too. In the middle of the side there is an island with a pagoda, it can be accessed through a bridge that crosses it and walk a bit to the temple. The park is designed with oriental style, that's why we found the pagoda. Apart from all this, you can go to the park just to walk, chat for a while with friends or let the children run freely. The park has a natural charm that permeates everything and you can see many species of flora but also many animals. More information:

The North Bay Railway

This train that has celebrated its 80th anniversary is a fun way to tour part of the city's coast. The train that makes the journey is like a train of the last century and on the route we can enjoy unbeatable views of the coast. The train is fully accessible for all types of people and trips include other attractions. If you want to spend a fun day exploring the coast from the smallest historic train do not hesitate to take this trip and all the activities offered to take a real refreshing drink in the area or take a boat trip .

The North York Moors National Park

The city of Scarborough is inside this National Park but to reach some of the 2,300 kilometers of trails that it offers you have to abandon it and get to other points. The Moors offer extraordinary views and landscapes, with predominance of rocks from the Jurassic period. In the northern part lies the Esk River with its tributaries in the south the Derwent River and the Pickering Valley. Visitors can go through the park by train, with the North Yorkshire Moor steam railway that runs through it, or by doing some of its many hiking trails.

Visit Scalby

This small town is located only 5 kilometers away from Scarborough. It has a very special charm for its small size and because it maintains an almost Victorian atmosphere for its streets. It seems that a person with his period costumes can appear at any time. Scalby is a good place to visit your small church, it is also prepared to practice many types of sports. If after wandering the streets you want to take a bite there is a bar in the center. But it also has, not far from the town, a quiet beach where you can rest for a while.

Visit Scarborough from the sea

What the city also offers without the need to get too far away, are the cruises for its waters with boats that have all the services and amenities. You can choose different routes that go either to the north, or to the south, always following the coast of Scarborough. From the boat we can enjoy wonderful views of the lighthouse, the cliffs, the caves of the smugglers and many other symbols of great historical value. In addition, boats have licenses to serve all kinds of drinks, so the fun is 100% guaranteed.

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How to get there ?

How to get there

Scarborough is located on the northeast coast of England and is the most important tourist city in the region so it is well connected with different types of transport. By car: if you are coming from the west or from the south you will always have to go to Leeds or Sheffield and then continue to Scarborough on the A64. If coming from the north then head towards Thirsk and then A171 towards your destination. By train: many direct trains arrive from the city from other important trains such as Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, London and others. All of them communicated by different routes and trains (more information at: By sea: the closest port to Scarborough is the one located in Hull, about 45 minutes from the city. Frequent ships come to it linking the cities of Bruges and Rotterdam. In the port of Scarborough there are some moorings for ships that are visiting. More information: By plane: the closest airport to the city is the international airport of Leeds / Bradford, located about 2 hours away by car. More information:

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