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Nottingham, the Queen of the Midlands

Nottingham is a city in central England and known as the "Queens of the Midlands," aka the "Queen of the Midlands." The city is rich in history dating back to Roman times and is closely connected to the well-known hero Robin Hood. Today, Nottingham is considered one of the ten most popular English cities for foreign tourists, who appreciate the history and culture and the excellent shopping opportunities. The two other big cities in the Midlands are Leicester and Derby, clearly in the shadow of Nottingham. Historically, the city depended on the coal industry, which is no longer visually appealing. The roots of a working-class city can still be felt today in the warmth and openness of the inhabitants. The city center is along the River Leen and is bounded on the south by the River Trent, which flows from Stoke to Humber. A census in 2011 showed that 281,000 people live in the city. The heart of the city is the Old Market Square, which is also the ideal place to get a first taste of Nottingham. Here you can dine beautifully in one of the restaurants, watch the bustle of the local population and get a first impression of the city in itself.

Points of interests / things to see

Sherwood Forest Country Park

Sherwood Forest Country Park is a royal hunting forest located north of Nottingham. The riegisge area extends from Notthinhamshire to South Yorkshire. The easiest way to get to Sherwood Forest Country Park is to drive to Clumber Park, which is part of Sherwood Forest Country Park. This is on the A614, about 40 kilometers north of the city center. The area of ​​the park and the forest belongs to a National Trust, which owes its beautiful hiking and biking trails, which invite you to spend a few hours in the beautiful nature. If you do not have your own bicycle, you do not need to worry, because you can easily rent them for little money at the park entrance. Sherwood Pines Country Park is home to a CenterParcs village where the whole family can rent a bungalow in the green and spend several days. There are not a few nature lovers who rent here and use this as a base for city trips to Nottingham.

National Ice Center

The National Ice Center, often abbreviated simply as NIC, is located in the center of the city of Nottingham and is the first ice rink to meet Olympic masses and standards. The National Ice Center is located in the north of downtown and adjacent to the historic Lace Market. The first ice ring and arena was opened on 1 April 2000 by the Olympic gold medalist Jayne Torvill. The second ring was inaugurated almost exactly a year later, on April 6, 2001. The National Ice Center was built on the site of the former Nottingham Ice Stadium, which was built during World War II and was visibly aging at the end of the 20th century. The cost of a new building was then estimated at 13 million pounds, a large part of which came from the national lottery revenue. The Ice Center is beautifully decorated with a cozy pub called â € œThe Old Cricket Playersâ €. During the construction work, an imposing Saxx pine was found, which is now exhibited in a museum in the city. Overall, the arena holds 10,000 people.

National Watersports Center

Nottingham is well known for its sports facilities, and not just in terms of the well-known football tragedy that has happened in the city. Another major sporting facility is the National Watersports Center, popularly known simply as Holme Pierrepont. That's because the National Watersports Center is located in the small town of Holme Pierrepont, which has nothing to offer other than the National Wattersports Center. The National Watersports Center is used for a variety of water sports, which is why events are held here at very regular intervals. The National Watersports Center is organized by Serco and the Nottinghamshire Country Council. It is one of five National Sports Centers in the country. The center covers an area of ​​1.1 square kilometers, providing the ideal environment for water sports. The area is divided into three areas. One area is formed by the beautiful regatta lake. Another area consists of a 800-meter-long white water system, which is mainly used by canoeists for slalom. Then there is a water ski facility with a slalom course and a jump facility.

Whitewater Course

Any worth seeing city has its own recreational opportunities, which should be better used, because otherwise you will not soon get the opportunity to do so. This clearly applies to whitewater rafting in Nottingham. You do not get the chance to experience this wonderful fun again. The whitewater railway is located in the village of Holme Pierrepont, where the National Watersports Center of the same name is located. The length of the railway is 800 meters and the man-made track is 4 meters deep and is supplied with water by the River Trent. The whitewater canal is in its 86th vintage and was upgraded in 2008. The resort is very popular with whitewater fans from all over the country and has its own scene. This should not deter tourists from enjoying themselves for the fun! The activities that can be done on the grounds are varied. From slalom driving, to freestyle to whitewater racing, anything is possible. There is also the annual National Student Rodeo event, the largest freestyle kayaking event in the world.

Trent Bridge

The Trent Bridge is another sports facility that is known and appreciated throughout the country. Behind this name, which is much more likely to suggest a historic bridge, is one of the hippest county cricket grounds in the country. Trent Bridge is located in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, and is well worth a visit even if you are new to this sport. Every two weeks, the home games of the local team Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club and international cricket events take place at irregular intervals in this beautiful stadium. For example, the final days of the international Twenty20 Cup took place here twice. In 2008, the ICC World Twenty20 took place here. Among other things, the semi-final between South Africa and Pakistan was held here. The first time the Trent Bridge was used for a game in 1830. The first official game took place here in 1838. This explains the popularity of this sport. Trent Bridge is close to Meadow Lane and the City Ground. These are the stadiums of the local football clubs Notts County and Nottingham Forest. So sports enthusiasts can visit these two stadiums right away.

Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham is known for its university. Nottingham Trent University is popularly abbreviated as NTU. The university was founded in the late twentieth century, with the university's root in the Government School of Design, which opened its doors in 1843. This school is still part of the university today and because of its historical value, makes the school a must-see. Altogether, nearly 30,000 young people are studying at this institution, which gives the city a lively atmosphere.

Nottingham Council House

The Nottingham Council House is a town hall in the city center. Towering 61 meters high, the historic cathedral is often used as a landmark in the city of Nottingham, as it is a central feature of the city's skyline. The Nottingham Council House towers over the Old Market Square and is always in the spotlight. The building was designed by Thomas Cecil Howitt and opened in the 1930s.


Hikers are in the right place in Matlock and the Derbyshire Peak district. You can reach Matlock either by train from Nottingham or by bus from Derby. The buses between Nottingham run every five minutes. In this variant you have to change, but you save a lot of money, because the train is very expensive. Once in Matlock, visitors have access to beautiful trails through the green countryside. Â


Leicester is another major city in the region. It is not as well known as Nottingham, but always worth a visit. Due to the much smaller crowds of tourists visiting Leicester, the city looks significantly more authentic and gives visitors a clear image of a former English working-class city. With 330,000 residents, Leicester is the largest city in the region.

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By Air: East Midlands Airport is located southwest of Nottingham and serves as the transportation hub for the entire region. The Skylink bus connects the airport to the city center and takes half an hour to drive. By train: Nottingham is located along the main line of London St Pancras and is well connected to other cities. The station is located in the city center. By bus: Bus travel is the cheapest alternative to getting around England thanks to the low-cost Megabus tickets.

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