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Presentation of the destination

Southampton and its rich history

Located on the southern coast of England, this port town in the province of Hampshire, 120 kilometers from London, has a charged history whose influence on the current situation of the city is undeniable. A destination of choice for all, the city promises its visitors a pleasant stay and a unique experience. In this city full of charm, it is impossible to get bored with the large number of activities and tours offered to tourists. Lovers of art, sports, history, Southampton all ingredients are reunited to discover the secret of this historic city and its surroundings to travelers who chose to put their bags here. Like many cities in Great Britain, Southampton does not disrupt the rule and sees the birth of many parks and green spaces giving the city a pure and relaxed atmosphere.

Points of interests / things to see

The strength to rebuild

Southampton can be considered as an ancient city in the sense that the Roman populations were the first to settle permanently in the area. During the Roman period and thanks to the influence of its commercial port, Southampton, known then under the name of Clausentum, joins the great Roman cities of the era that are Winchester and Salisbury. Subsequently, at the time of the Middle Ages it is the Norman influence that will be strongly felt and contribute to the prosperity of the city. Throughout the medal period the rise of trade will help to make Southampton a great power, especially in the field of shipbuilding. During the Hundred Years War, the city was strongly raged and destroyed a first time. Following a new attack and a new looting - to which we owe the creation of the principality of Monaco - the city decides to erect a powerful wall of enclosure to better protect itself from the possible attacks coming from the outside. It was not until the Second World War that Southampton was again destroyed for the most part. As a powerful industrial city, it was strategic for the Germans to attack the city that was the victim of their bombing raids. Now rebuilt, visitors can still admire the remains of a bygone era, testimony of a rich past.

Tourist attractions

Impossible during a visit to Southampton not to go to one of the many sites retracing the history of the city. Having partially escaped the destruction of the Second World War, the wall of enclosure and its monumental entrance called Bargate, testify of the medieval era. This Southampton area is more commonly referred to as the Old Town and offers a striking view of the Western Esplanade. The history of Southampton can not be dissociated from that of the Titanic, a luxurious liner built in the 1910s. The steamer's journey began in Southampton to reach New York, but unfortunately the ship struck an iceberg off the coast. of Newfoundland and never completed his trip to a large number of people. As a tribute to those missing in this tragedy, many of the disaster staples can be visited in Southampton. Well before this tragedy, another major event marked the history of the city. Indeed Southampton is the starting point for the pilgrimage expedition to America aboard the Mayflower. To learn more about this episode of Southampton life, visitors should not hesitate to travel to Town Quay, where there is a memorial to him.

Culture and sport as a driver of everyday life

Thanks to the richness of its past, Southampton's cultural heritage is impressive. Passing for a few days in the city, if the weather is not clear, travelers can walk through the halls of many museums or art galleries to discover Varied works relating to specific and distinct themes. In art galleries, it will be possible to discover works by contemporary or modern artists or older pieces that can go back up to six millennia back. The city's university is also home to the John Hansard Gallery, created in 1980, where collections of fine art from the university and photography are located. The various museums in the city are almost all connected to a period or theme that is well defined in connection with Southampton's past. Thus, there is the museum of archeology retracing the entire history of the city from Roman times to the reign of Queen Victoria. In this port city, it is not unusual to find a maritime museum where special exhibitions are held to better understand the past of the seaport city of Southampton. For art lovers and those wishing to get acquainted with the city's heritage, the Tudor House and Garden is a must-see. Built in 1495 we find in this building all the features of Norman architecture such as its beautiful half-timberings. Finally, whether you are passionate about aviation or driving, two museums will offer you incredible collections. The Solent Sky museum aims to trace the entire history of aviation in the area of ​​the same name. Finally, Beaulieu, the national museum of the automobile, is internationally known for owning the largest collection of original cars appeared in the movies of the series James Bond, there are also cars of the same name. Appeared in various films and television series. The people of Southampton are great sports fans. The new St Mary's stadium is home to Southampton Football Club team games in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Another curiosity to discover in Southampton, the oldest bowling alley in the world. Not detracting from its past and its status as a port city, Southampton is full of sailing schools, a very popular activity in this region, providing courses for all. the levels, especially in the area of ​​Ocean Village, which is also home to one of the most important leisure parks on the south coast of England.

Nature and environment

Although originally a powerful industrial city, with the emergence of environmental problems, Southampton has positioned itself, like many cities in Britain, in favor of protection of the environment and its natural sites. There are indeed many green parks in Southampton where locals and tourists alike come together to make the most of sunny days. The largest of these parks is the Southampton Common, where you can stroll ... There is the Urban Wildlife Center, a fishing lake, swimming pool and playgrounds. Exbury Gardens offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of a garden of beautiful flowers and rare plants spread over a vast area. For the more adventurous, a walk in the trees, several meters from the ground, is a nice alternative to spend and have fun in the great outdoors. If animal life turns out to be the passion of visitors, then Marwell Zoo, affirming its desire to protect wildlife, will delight them with more than 180 different species. annuities. Finally, if you are a few kilometers from Southampton, thirty minutes from the city is New Forest, a national park combining pastures, moors, primary forest, landscapes and seascapes, where the animals can evolve in freedom ...

Explore customs

Once the visits are complete then the time comes to discover the city in a different light. In England, people usually meet once the working day is over. To acclimatize and be impregnated with the relaxed, friendly and local atmosphere, there is nothing like going to one of the city's many pubs to taste a beer. very cool. However, Southampton is not just about having a drink. The city abounds with restaurants, offering the famous fish and chips, dear to the heart of the British ...

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Separated by the Channel, France and Great Britain are two very close countries and several options are available to get to Southampton. The city has an international airport, which serves European or British airports. Many French cities have their airport connected to that of Southampton. The on-site accommodation will be rather in hotel or in charming guest houses and Bed & Breakfast. Also important, as in all English cities, it will of course, do not forget to leave a tip of an amount, usually equivalent to 10 or 15% of the price, to the masters. Hotel owners, waiters or taxi drivers, met throughout the stay.

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