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The city of Newcastle upon Tyne is included to the nation England and to the county Tyne and Wear

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Newcastle upon Tyne, the castle over the Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne is one of the most important cities in northern England. The port city has more than 240,000 inhabitants and comes with the urban environment to nearly one million people. Newcastle upon Tyne is best known for its nightlife, which even dwarfs the main city and international metropolis of London, and is said to be the best on the island. That may be because the city is shaped by young people. In addition to the good nightlife, the city is also known and appreciated for its art and music scene. The sport also plays a significant role in the city, which is mainly due to the football club and British first division Newcastle United. The city center of Newacstle upon Tyne is characterized by an interesting and above all historical architecture, which gives the city a very own picture. Furthermore, Newcastle upon Tyne is the home of Geordie culture, which is characterized mainly by folk music and its own dialect. The city was founded over 2000 years ago as a Roman fort under the name of Pons Aelius.

Points of interests / things to see


The Newcastle upon Tyne Theater is one of the city's historic, architectural, and entertainment highlights, and for some even across the Northern Region. It is helpful to know that the city can look back on a rich history of theater. The well-known Theater Royal, or Royal Theater, was originally run by Stephen Kemble, a member of the well-known Kemble family, for over fifty years. He managed to get members of the family, who were gifted with a good acting talent, from London to Newcaslte. These sitar legends include Sarah Siddons and John Kemble. In this process, he managed to lead the theater through many eras and seasons. The original theater opened its doors at the end of the 18th century and was once home to Mosley Street, near Drury Lane. Even today, the city is home to many theaters. The most notable, largest, most beautiful and famous, is without a doubt the already mentioned Theater Royal on Gray Street, built in 1836. The imposing design is due to John and Benjamin Green.

Literature and books

On the British island, the city of Newcastle upon Tyne is commonly known as the city of poets and thinkers. At this point you can refer to the Morden Tower. This is led by Tom Pickard, which is himself a successful poet. The Morden Tower acts as a kind of poet center of the island. At this point interesting lectures take place at regular intervals. The reputation of this facility is even so good that Basil Bunting once gave his first lecture on "Briggs" at this location. But that is not the end. There is also the Literary and Philosohical Society of Newecastle on Tyne, popularly known as the "Simply and Phil". This is the largest independent library outside London. Inside this modern building there are just under 160,000 books and new ones are added. The music library of the building contains 8000 CDs and 10000 LPs. The building was opened in 1826. Responsible for the modern construction was none other than the well-known architect and designer John and Benjamin Green.

Festivals and fairs

There are a variety of interesting events, which always bring new visitors to the city. Due to the many festivals and fairs, it often happens that you are unexpected during an interesting event in the city, which of course you can take with you. Newcastle is always celebrating Chinese New Year at the beginning of the year. This is because there is a large Chinese population, as you can see from their own Chinatowns. At this time, Chinatown is turning into a colorful street party with many great and tasty food stalls. In early March, NewcastleGateshead, a well-known comedy festival in the city, has been a fixture ever since 2006 and is a huge success. Also the Newcastle ScienceFest takes place this month. One of the most popular events is the Newcastle Beer Festival. This is organized by the CAMRA and takes place every year in April. In the following month you can attend the Evolution Festival. This is a music festival with rock, indie and dance music. Many smaller music festivals take place during the summer months, and autumn also has a lot to offer.

The castle

The name of the city suggests it already, because it is called "New Castle" and actually there is an important castle in the city. The Newacstle-upon-Tyne Castle is a medieval fortress that gave the town its name. Some parts of this historic structure are better preserved than others. These include the stone tower called â € œCastle Keepâ € and the guardhouse, known as â € œBlack Gateâ €. The construction of the castle dates back to the time of the Romans, who built the castle around their town â € œPons Aeliusâ €, as the city was then called. The castle was connected to the rest of the city by a bridge across the River Tyne. This now explains the full name of the city. In 1080, a new castle was finally built here, which was simply called â € œNew Castle upon Tyneâ €. They were not really creative, but the name is apt for that. At least at that time. Because today only fragments of the once really imposing building are over.

Newcastle United Football Club

Football is part of England like the Great Wall of China, and Newcastle has its own sports flag. Many people may only know the city for its football club, the Newcastle United Football Club, which is popularly known as the NUFC. The club looks back on more than 120 years of history and although athletic as a rule it can not compete with the world's best clubs from London and Manchester, it is still a staple of Newcastle upon Tyne's daily life , The club plays its games in the St James Park, which was converted at the end of the 20th century unfortunately to a sterile All-Seater Stadium. In general, English football has lost some of its appeal. He has moved away from dingy worker sports with rough edges and a grandiose atmosphere to a chic and above all expensive and therefore unfortunately also quiet sport. Nevertheless, one can still catch a breath of bygone days. This is particularly true of the many pubs around the stadium, where many people who can no longer afford the horrendous tickets, follow the games.

Tyne Bridge

The bridge over the Tyne is named after Newecastle and not least because of this, this building is a must visit. The bridge connects the city of Newcastle upon Tyne with Gateshead. It was designed by Mott, Hay and Anderson, who later developed the famous Forth Road Bridge. The bridge serves as a symbol of the city.

Anmouth and Alnwick

The historic town of Alnmouth is an hour's drive north of Newcastle upon Tyne and is always a popular destination. In the city is the well-known castle Alnwick Castle, which was often used as a movie set. Like in Harry Potter and in Robin Hood. You can also easily reach Alnmouth by train. It should be noted, however, that the train in England is relatively expensive.


The city of Durham is known for its imposing cathedral, which is surrounded by a noteworthy inner city. By train, you can reach this cozy little town in less than 20 minutes. There is also a castle here, which is well worth seeing. Durham is a great destination if you only have about half a day.

Beamish Open Air Museum

The Beamish Open Air Museum is approximately 30 minutes by car and less than an hour by train from Newcastle upon Tyne city center. In this large-scale Open Air Museum, life in the early 20th century is impressively portrayed. This museum is a nice destination for the whole family.

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By Air: Newcastle International Airport is located 10 kilometers northwest of the city center and can be easily reached by metro. The taxi price is 20 pounds. By train: Many of the long-distance trains stop at the train station, which is not far from the city center. Train travel is very fast and convenient, but also relatively expensive. By bus: Buses are the cheapest way to get around, especially if you book tickets at companies like Megabus a few days or even weeks before the ride starts. Â

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