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The city of Stratford-upon-Avon is included to the nation England and to the county Warwickshire

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The hometown of Shakespeare: Stratford upon Avon

Discover Stratford upon Avon, hometown of William Shakespeare, a place of culture and history. Situated in the countryside of beautiful rural Warwickshire County, on the banks of the Avon, it is one of the UK's most important tourist destinations. Easy to reach by road, train or plane, the place is perfect for a holiday or simply for a country break for a weekend. If you really want to get away from it, Stratford upon Avon is the perfect place to get a glimpse of life in England from time immemorial thanks to the many activities that are there. ©'re proposed. You can indeed climb into a caleche to offer you a guided tour of the city, but also discover it via walking tours. And if you prefer to discover the local wonders by yourself, it is possible to go on a pony ride or simply rent a bike.

Points of interests / things to see

A typical charm of the English countryside

The city of Shakespeare is located not far from the Cotswold Hills and presents a similar landscape, having escaped the ravaging effects of the industrial revolution. The area was indeed an important area of ​​oviculture, and from the 15th century, the city of Stratford upon Avon has become the nerve center of this region. activity, hosting the tanning of skins and the preparation of meat, the sale and distribution of sheep and wool, through the Roman road and the river that runs through it. So expect a landscape worthy of an image of Epinal of the medieval city and its English countryside, half-timbered houses and cottages in the heart of a landscape of grove all in valleys and hills. Regarding the climate, the region has a temperate climate. The extreme temperatures are rare and whatever the period of the year during which you organize your stay, you will have much the same weather a little cloudy and without surprise. Note that in winter, early frost can give the city a fairy tale.

A place of culture

As far as cultural activities are concerned, the city assumes its historical links with the great Elizabethan author. In addition to her birth house, which you can visit, she is home to the Royal Shakespeare Company, and the Royal Shakespeare Theater, which opened to the public again in 2010 after the Royal Shakespeare Theater. transformation projects that lasted three years. Located in Waterside, on the banks of the Avon, this historic monument is the main stage of the Royal Company, thanks to the 1040 seats available to lovers of the Bard. It is open every day from 10 am to visit or for performances and it is also possible to book a multitude of guided tours related to the theater. of the company. As the Royal Shakespeare Company also performs at Swan Theater, the Swan Theater, where, as in the Shakespeare Globe Theater of London imagined by the author himself, it is possible to attend the performances of Three scenes from a long stage in the pit, and up from the balconies surrounding the comedians. The atmosphere is more intimate, with only about 450 seats. Finally, if you do not have time for a guided tour or a room, you can opt for a simple drink in the bar of the company, or a visit to the tower of the theater, since the at the top of which you will have a breathtaking view of the city. If you have already visited the birthplace of Shakespeare, a small half-timbered house with its typical English garden and its little one museum located rue de Henley, you can finish the loop by going find a little calm and freshness, far away from the torment of the city, in the church of the holy trinity (the Holy Trinity Church) located in the Old Town, and in which are buried the playwright and his wife Anne Hathaway. The church itself as its courtyard is simply a breathtaking beauty. If the theater has never been © your cup of tea and you are more technical than literary, we advise you to go take a look at the new museum of mechanical art and design, the MAD. You will be able to marvel at it by discovering the creations falling under the kinetic art (the art in movement), the Automata (mechanical inventions all more crazy some than the others) and the Steampunk current (what would the objects of our daily or future look like, had they been designed in Victorian England?). This museum whose exhibitions will delight young and old is located in the very popular street of Sheep Street.

City of water sports

During the summer, a frantic race of walnut shells is organized on the river and the crowd rushes on the banks to watch the brave freshwater sailors fight aboard. ™ boats that can go from the raft to the canoe through the homemade trimaran. Sailors are generally supported by local clubs in search of financial donations and it is a real sight to sit on the shore to cheer for their foal. You can rent a boat yourself and take a tour: rowing boats or motor boats are at your disposal to leave to the discovery of the river. If on the contrary you are not comfortable with going on an adventure, do not worry: you can jump on a boat for an organized cruise or even you offer a nocturnal and romantic discovery of the surroundings in a boat-restaurant. On a completely different note, Stratford upon Avon is home to the largest butterfly farm in Europe ("Stratford upon"). Avon Butterfly Farm and Jungle Safari "), and it's an unforgettable and wonderful experience to see some of the most colorful and exotic butterflies in the world fly around you. With organized educational tours, documentary film screenings and a children's adventure park, the Stratford Butterfly Farm is the perfect family break. You can even find original gifts at the Wildlife Gift Shop. If you're not, you're not satisfied with Shakespeare but your children do not want to hear from you anymore. A visit to the theater, so go past the Falstaff's Experience. The Falstaffâ € ™ s Experience is a true living museum and represents one of the most exhilarating and disruptive tourist attractions in Stratford upon Avon. It's a real journey back in time and a unique experience in the list of things to do in Stratford. Entering this ancient 16th century sheriff house, you will learn some of the most remarkable stories about the historical past of Stratford and England. This true haunted museum has its own heavy atmosphere, which is felt by all those who have the courage to venture into the meanders of its theatrical and labyrinthine corridors. There's no doubt that you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of Stratford homes by yourself, flitting through the streets, including Sheep Street and Henley Street. But if you do not come across them during your peregrinations, do not forget to take a walk in front of Anne Hathaway's cottage, a magnificent cottage turned into a museum and a garden full of sculptures. as well as in Harvard House, a building owned by the university named and preserved in its state since the end of the sixteenth century. The visit is open to the public, and the staff will take you into the strange and complex history of this house. Finally, if all of this does not satisfy you, unless an hour's drive from Stratford, you can also discover the Blenheim Palace and the beautiful Cotswold Hills and their cottages to the south. To the west, the cities of Worcester and Malverns and to the north, the extraordinary castle of Warwic. You can also go to the Royal Leamington Spa, a small spa town that has sprung up around its sources in the Victorian era. Ideal for an afternoon at the sources and a little shopping. By bus 25, 26 or 29 from Stratford, you can also go to Alcester, just about ten kilometers to the west. Founded by the Romans, this city with medieval streets has survived the ravages of time and its many archeological sites and old homes make it an exciting destination. Finally, do not hesitate to visit the small town of Henley-in-Arden, a dozen kilometers north on the A3400 (bus X20 or by train). This village with typical buildings has better resisted tourism than Stratford and you will be quieter to enjoy these streets of which more than 150 houses are instrumental in historical heritage or marked by a particular architectural interest , Starting with the Tudor Guild Hotel, which reflects the importance of the commercial past of this small town.

Escapades and excursions in the region

The sky is too sunny to lock you in a museum? No worries, the city has its share of outdoor activities and organized around the river Avon. Throughout the year, you will find a wide range of entertainment, various boat trips to walks on the banks of beautifully greenery. At Bancroft Gardens, for example, the river meets a canal basin that is an integral part of the beauty of the place. Many people settle there for a picnic or simply to hang out. Strolls are also possible on the circuits arranged along the river, down the current under the weeping willows, on the other side of the river and around the theater of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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Traveling to Stratford upon Avon

The city is only 35 kilometers from Birmingham and is easily accessible by car via junction 15 of the M40, via the A46. The Stratford Northern Bypass (A422) also connects the city with Evesham, Worcester and the M5. By rail, there are no problem trains to Birmingham Snow Hill and Moor Street stations. In addition, you have up to seven direct trains a day to London Marylebone. Since May 2013, the Stratford Parkway, a railway line parallel to the Stratford Northway Bypass, further facilitates the connection with Birmingham. As far as buses are concerned, several companies serve the region, including Warwick, Leamington and Coventry. Finally, the airport of Birmingham is only about thirty kilometers to the northwest and is the departure and the arrival of many international or domestic flights. So you will understand, you can go to the city of Stratford upon Avon, either by taking the road, or by taking a train or by taking a plane, so it's up to you to decide the way transportation, even if the plane remains the fastest way to get to the city.

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