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The city of San Diego is included to the state California and to the county San Diego County

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Exploring San Diego

San Diego is a major city in California, US. Located in the southwest US, San Diego boarders the Pacific Ocean and is near Mexico. San Diego is filled with several different regions to explore, including the eastern mountains, the western beaches, and Mexico down south. San Diego is an explorer’s paradise, with some of the most famous, diverse, and visited regions and places to explore. San Diego hosts a generally warm climate, and operates on the Pacific Time Zone. San Diego also accepts the US Dollar as currency. With thousands of miles of beaches, beautiful mountain scenery, and Mexico nearby, there is much to discover and do in San Diego, US.

Points of interests / things to see

Automotive History in San Diego

The San Diego Automotive Museum is a great way to get in touch with San Diego and American culture, as well as explore history, both automotive and early US exploration. The San Diego Automotive Museum explores the fascinating vehicular transformations over decades. The museum also features the widely known Louis Mattar’s Fabulous $75,000 Car. This exhibit is known to have held the distance endurance record since 1952, and is housed permanently at the San Diego Automotive Museum. The museum also has several different rotating exhibits, and great family fun. Guests may get hands on with the museum’s user friendly car and motorcycle. The museum also hosts a fun scavenger hunt, offering prizes to participants. The San Diego Automotive Museum is open daily from 10am to 5pm. Admission to the San Diego Automotive Museum is $8.50 per adult, $6 for seniors and military, $5 for students, and $4 for children. Children under six years old are offered free admission. The San Diego Automotive Museum also offers free admission on Tuesdays to San Diego County residents, and only $2 for special exhibits. The San Diego Automotive Museum is located at 2080 Pan American Plaza, San Diego, CA, 92101. The San Diego Automotive Museum may be contacted by telephone at +1 619 231 2886. The San Diego Automotive Museum may also be contacted by email by filling out the online contact form at More information, including photos and exhibit details, may be found on the San Diego Automotive Museum website at

The Hundred Acre Zoo

An icon of San Diego and well known nationwide, the San Diego Zoo is home to about 4,000 unique and exotic animals. The San Diego Zoo claims about 100 acres of land with much to see and do. Upon arrival, guests may take a map and plan a day at the zoo. The San Diego Zoo offers a great tour of the many different animals and environments aboard the tour bus. Guests may get a great look at the zoo in its entirety this way, and choose to come back to certain exhibits later. The San Diego Zoo houses real environments to about 800 species of animals, including leopards, polar bears, amphibians, tortoises, and much more. Guests can learn and explore all the species the San Diego Zoo has to offer. The San Diego Zoo also encourages the preservation of wildlife. Guests may become a member of San Diego Zoo Global and receive free admission to the zoo all year. Also available at the San Diego Zoo is a great outdoor dining experience. Guests may spend the entire day at the zoo, exploring exhibits, enjoying fresh foods, collecting souvenirs, and learning from tours and exhibitions. For about a full century, The San Diego Zoo has been promoting and protecting wildlife, and sharing the wonders of these great animals with the public. The San Diego Zoo is located at 2920 Zoo Drive, San Diego, CA 92101, and may be contacted by telephone at +1 619 718 3000, or internationally at 800 407 9534. The San Diego Zoo may also be contacted by email by filling out the online contact form at The San Diego Zoo is open year round from 9am to 5pm. Several different types of tickets are offered for the San Diego Zoo. Single one day passes are $46 per adult and $36 per child. Guests may also choose single one day passes with the 4D theater experience for $51 per adult and $41 per child. More information, including exhibit and tour information, as well as additional ticket and passes information, may be found on the San Diego Zoo website at

San Diego Beaches

Exploring classic San Diego is easy along the beaches. With thousands of square miles of beaches to choose from in San Diego, it can be difficult to choose the best one. Cardiff by the Sea Beaches offers a great San Diego experience, with fantastic views, fun activities, and family friendly water fun and sports. Cardiff by the Sea is a great area for several different water sports, including surfing, boogie boarding, and body surfing. Guests may come enjoy the waves at Cardiff by the Sea, or enjoy the sights and sounds of others showing their talents out on the waters. Guests may also explore other activities found both on shore and in the water. At Cardiff by the Sea, guests may enjoy the sights of many things, including fun activities, beautiful beach scenery, and even nearby sea life. Cardiff by the Sea houses the occasional extreme low tide, which offers guests a fantastic view of underwater life. Guests can also explore this underwater life by penetrating the surface themselves. Cardiff by the Sea offers great diving experiences, as well as snorkeling, with beautiful underwater scenes. Cardiff by the Sea is particularly enjoyable during the summer months, with warm currents and great sunshine. Cardiff by the Sea is located at San Elijos State Beach, Pacific Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA 92007. The beaches are open to the public with certain rules and regulations. More information, including things to see at Cardiff by the Sea and parking information, may be found on the Cardiff by the Sea webpage at

Seaside Dining in San Diego

San Diego is home to some of the finest and most unique dining experiences in the country. With hundreds of restaurant options on the beachfront alone, there are many different options for dining in San Diego. The Hotel del Coronado’s famed 1500 Ocean is a fantastic restaurant, voted best outdoor dining restaurant by local critics. The 1500 Ocean offers spectacular oceanic views, being located along San Diego’s beautiful shoreline. Indoor and outdoor dining at the 1500 Ocean are both a great experience, with elegant décor, fantastic foods, and the restaurant’s view of beautiful San Diego. The 1500 Ocean not only highlights the beauty of San Diego with its fantastic seaside views, but also impresses locals and guests alike with carefully prepared San Diego cuisine. Guests can explore the fine and freshly prepared tastes of San Diego at the 1500 Ocean. The 1500 Ocean takes advantage of the sunset in San Diego, as well as its beautiful nights; the restaurant is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 5:30pm to 10pm. Guests are welcome to make reservations for the 1500 Ocean by telephone at +1 619 522 8490, or online at The 1500 Ocean is located at 1500 Orange Ave, Coronado, CA 92118. More information, including photos, may be found on the 1500 Ocean webpage at

Flight in San Diego

San Diego is an active city, with athletes around every corner. From jogging to surfing, San Diego takes advantage of the perfect outdoor weather to exercise year round. With such an advantage, San Diego sports enthusiasts invent new sports and activities to enjoy, such as the water propelled jet pack. Guests of Jetpack America can learn to fly in as little as five minutes with Jetpack America. Hovering, diving, maneuvering, taking off, and landing are all made of ease with Jetpack America. Guests can rent jetpacks in San Diego and enjoy the experience of a lifetime, flying as high as thirty feet, and even flying without hands. Certified Flight Instructors teach guests the how to and what to expect of flying with Jetpack America. With this information, guests can take flight on the sunny coasts of San Diego. Jetpack America caters to a wide range of guests, five to seven feet tall, and 100 to 350 pounds. Jetpack America can be found at 1010 Santa Clara Place, San Diego, CA 92109, and may be contacted by telephone internationally at +1 888 553 6471. Jetpack America may also be contacted by email at More information, including photo and video experiences and other locations, may be found on the Jetpack America website at

Touring San Diego by Air

With several things to do and see in San Diego, there are several tours available to participate in. San Diego offers biking, walking, self guided, Segway, sailboat, cruise ship, photography, winery and brewery, and many other tours. One of the most unique ways to tour San Diego is with a bird’s eye view with Corporate Helicopters of San Diego. Corporate Helicopters offers different tour packages for guests to choose from, including Diego Delights, which tours most of San Diego’s finest sights, and Fly, Float, Feast, which highlights San Diego not just by air, but by sea, and includes a great meal, and ideal for special occasions. Corporate Helicopters is open for business daily from 8am to 6pm. Custom reservations and other information may be received by telephone at +1 858 505 5650, or internationally at +1 800 345 6737. Corporate Helicopters may also be contacted by email by filling out the online contact form at More information may be found on the Corporate Helicopters website at

San Diego Culture

Balboa Park houses several major points of San Diego, including 15 major museums, the San Diego Zoo, and beautiful gardens. Located just 15 minutes by car from downtown San Diego, Balboa Park is a great place to visit for several places and reasons. Guests can experience San Diego and American culture at Balboa Park by participating or simply enjoying and witnessing the art, music, and cultural events that are constantly taking place at Balboa Park. Balboa Park is located at House of Hospitality, San Diego, CA 92101, and may be contacted by telephone at +1 619 239 0512. Balboa Park may also be contacted by email by filling out the online contact form at More information on Balboa Park, including additional park amenities, may be found on the park’s website at

Whale Watching in San Diego

Whale watching in San Diego is an exciting and educational experience. There are different options available for whale watching tours in San Diego, including Flagship Cruises and Events. Flagship Cruises and Events shows and teaches guests of marine life in San Diego. Flagship Cruises and Events is open seasonally, from late December to mid-April to accommodate whale migration through San Diego waters. Several different options are available for cruising with Flagship, including corporate events, weddings, and other special events. Guests may reserve cruises with Flagship Cruises by telephone at +1 800 442 7847. Flagship Cruises and Events may also be contacted by email by filling out the online contact form at Flagship Cruises is located at 990 N Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101. More cruise and whale watching information may be found on the website at

Gambling in San Diego

Gambling is popular in America, and famous in Las Vegas, Nevada. In San Diego, guests can find casinos and gambling opportunities near to Las Vegas style gambling. One of these San Diego casinos, Viejas Casino, offers great games and fun, just as found in Las Vegas. Viejas Casino is home to slots, bingo, poker, table games, and more. Viejas Casino also offers great drinks, dining opportunities, and entertainment. Guests can further explore and enjoy American culture at Viejas Casino. Viejas Casino is located at 5000 Willows Rd, Alpine, CA 919010. Viejas Casino may be contacted by telephone at +1 619 445 5400, or internationally at +1 800 847 6537. More information on the Viejas Casino may be found on the casino’s website at

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San diego time
UTC -8:00 (America/Los_Angeles)
Summer time UTC --9:00
Winter time UTC -8:00


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United States
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San Diego
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San Diego County
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How to get there ?

San Diego Travel

The quickest and easiest way to reach San Diego, California is by airplane. The San Diego International Airport is located just a ten minute drive from downtown San Diego. With this convenience, guests are able to easily navigate the city by several means of transportation. The easiest way to get around San Diego is by car. Guests can rent a car in several places throughout the city, including the airport, or even drive to San Diego and travel by personal car. With San Diego being so big and open for exploration, car travel is the best way to visit all points on a planned itinerary. Car travel is not the only option for getting around San Diego, however. Guests may save money and support environmentally friendly means of transportation. Public transportation, such as buses and trolleys in San Diego are simple to use and can take guests to nearly any destination in and around the city. Shuttle buses, taxis, town cars, and limousines are also available for rental in San Diego. Guests may tour the city in style and luxury with town cars and limousines, or reach more target destinations than other public transportation options with taxis and shuttle buses. Travelling San Diego is also made easy for large groups with motor coaches. Guests of large groups may find motor coaches in San Diego a great way for the group to tour the city and still keep together comfortably. With 70 miles of coastline, water travel is popular in San Diego as well. Several different boats, cruise lines, and water taxis are available to choose from when travelling and touring San Diego. Getting around San Diego is an adventure in its own; guests can explore the many things to see and do in San Diego, and enjoy the excitement of getting there as well.

San diego city hall

City hall address
San Diego City Hall
202 C St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA
City hall phone number
+1 619-236-5555
City hall location
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