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The city of Celebration is included to the state Florida and to the county Osceola County

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Celebration: An Introduction

The town of Celebration, Florida, has a big name attached to it. The Walt Disney Company designed and planned the community of 7,500 people in the 1990s to be an example of a modern, walkable community with safe streets and a friendly environment. Reactions to Celebration have been mixed. While some call it a real-life Pleasantville, others contest that it is creepy or that it seems too planned out. Today, Celebration is divided into little villages, or neighborhoods. Most of the main attractions are in Celebration's main village, or downtown area. The town, like nearby Orlando and its amusement parks, experiences two seasons a year: the hot, humid, and rainy during Atlantic hurricane season (May through September) and the dry, mild season between October and April. Celebration is in the Eastern Standard Time zone and recognizes Daylight Savings Time. 

Points of interests / things to see

Celebration Town Center

Celebration's downtown is a bustling yet very walkable neighborhood. Market Street, the town's main boulevard, is lined with palm trees, restaurants, sidewalk cafés, and quaint and unusual shops. Buyers and browsers alike will enjoy Celebration's unique boutiques. At the Woof Gang Bakery, shoppers can find tasty treats for their furry friends. Sweet snacks, cute clothing, and other surprises can be found at Celebration's many gift shops. You can find anything from home furnishings to candles at Celebration's stores, most of which are centered on and around Market Street. The town's high-end boutique hotel, the Celebration Hotel, is also on Market Street. What was once an AMC movie theater is now closed, but otherwise the town has few vacancies. The many shopping and dining opportunities will delight parents and kids alike.The stores in Celebration's downtown area are open seven days a week. Hours vary, although many are open as late as 9:00 PM. Parking is free and easy to find, although be aware that many spaces are reserved specifically for electric vehicles. Festivals and celebrations are held throughout the year in this part of town, which may affect parking and traffic. For more information on scheduled events, local businesses, and neighborhood amenities, visit

A Perspective On The Past At The Museum Of Military History

For many tourists and residents, finding an opportunity to explore the diverse military history of the United States can be a unique and enjoyable experience. Located in nearby Kissimmee, Florida, the Museum Of Military History provides patrons with a comprehensive examination of the US military, from its origins to present day. The Museum Of Military History was first established in 2003.  Thanks to its close proximity to Disney World, the Museum Of Military History can be an excellent addition to a pre-existing trip into Florida. With a wide array of interesting exhibits and attractions, the Museum Of Military History is suitable for both adults and children. More information about the museum can be found on their official website,‎. including additional commentary on current exhibits as well as a calendar of events.  The museum is typically open from Tuesday through Sunday on a weekly basis, with doors opening at 10 AM and closing at 6 PM. General admission tickets for adults are $7, while children can enter the museum for $5. Visitors interested in touring the Museum Of Military History can also contact museum officials directly at (407) 507-3984. The address of the Museum Of Military History is: 5210 W Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34746. 

Engaging Entertainment At The Osceola Center For The Arts

In keeping with the spirit of community prevalent throughout many of Florida’s smaller cities, the Osceola Center For The Arts serves as a cultural "hub" of the region, providing a much-needed platform for many of the area's most talented musicians and performing artists. What distinguishes the Osceola Center For The Arts is its diverse programming selections, the scope of which will surely provide ample room for discovery and growth for all who attend. For visitors, the Osceola Center For The Arts offers affordable, budget-friendly entertainment which is suitable for both adults and families. Performances at the Osceola Performing Arts Center can serve as an excellent addition to a vacation that may already include larger plans, such as a visit to the Walt Disney World Center. The official website of the Osceola Center For The Arts is Additional information about upcoming performances and admission fees can be found here. The establishment is located in nearby Kissimmee at 2411 E Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Kissimmee, FL 34744. Visitors can visit the box office of the OSFA between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM on Monday through Friday. They can also call ahead for additional information or tickets. The official phone number of the Osceola Center For The Arts is (407) 846-6257.

Central Florida Railroad Museum

The history of any region is invariably tied to the history and development of its industry. Keeping this in mind, the Central Florida Railroad Museum, located in close proximity to Celebration at Winter Garden, Florida, provides visitors with a fascinating glimpse into a relatively overshadowed niche within Florida's larger historical surveys - its railroad system. The Central Florida Railroad Museum is guarantee to impress adults and children, due in large part to the fascinating collection of historical artifacts and physical objects that make up this diverse collection. Not only will patrons be given the opportunity to read about these significant historical events that shaped the region, they will be given the chance to directly observe the tools and machines that helped develop this industry. The official website of the Central Florida Rail Museum is Here, visitors can learn more about the exhibits on display and the history of the museum prior to visiting. The address of the Central FloridaRailroad Museum is:  101 S Boyd St, Winter Garden, FL 34787. The museum is typically open daily from 1 PM to 5 PM, barring national holidays. Further information about admission prices and visitor experiences can be obtained by calling museum officials directly at (407) 656-0559.

Living History At The Winter Garden Heritage Museum

The unique and dynamic history of this particular region of Florida is best exemplified and displayed at the Winter Garden Heritage Museum, located only a short drive from Celebration in Winter Garden, Florida. A partner cultural institution of the Central Florida Railroad Museum, the Winter Garden Heritage Museum features an innovative "3-D" walk through the historic streets of Winter Garden during the influx of industry and workers that helped to transform this town into a prominent fixture within the state of Florida. A trip to the Winter Garden Heritage Museum is the perfect addition to pre-existing travel plans that venture through the area. The exhibits within the museum are primarily geared towards older children and adults. That being said, the nearby Central Florida Railroad Museum offers several kid-friendly attractions, making these two cultural institutions an excellent opportunity for a cultural day trip. The official website of the Winter Garden Heritage Museum is Visitors can find additional information about current exhibitions and admission prices online. The physical address of the institution is: 1 N Main St, Winter Garden, FL 34787. Travelers interested in contacting museum personnel directly can do using via telephone at (407) 656-5544.

Wild Florida Airboat Rides

Florida has long held a reputation for providing a number of high-octane, entertaining outdoor activities, and Wild Florida Airboat Rides are no exception to the rule! Located a short trip from Celebration in Kenansville, Florida, this particular entertainment outlet has become quite popular with tourists from around the country. Wild Florida Airboat Rides is open for visitation between the days of Monday through Saturday. Standard hours of operation are 9 AM to 5 PM. Depending upon the particular time of year that a traveler decides to visit, this outdoor attraction may be fully booked. The physical address of Wild Florida Airboat Rides is: 3301 Lake Cypress Rd, Kenansville, FL 3473900.

Outdoor Fun At The Celebration Golf Club

Golf is a hugely popular sport in the state of Florida, most likely due to the sheer number of top-tier golf courses and clubs located throughout the state. The Celebration Golf Club is one of many courses and sports clubs that can be found within this particular region of the state, the majority of which cater to the "resort" lifestyle found here. Travelers interested in relaxing and enjoying a round of golf as part of their vacation may find the Celebration Golf Club to be conducive to their desires. The club is typically open daily from 6 AM to 7 PM. The address of the Celebration Golf Club is: 701 Golfpark Dr, Celebration, FL 34747.

Family Fun At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is one of Florida's most popular tourist attractions, drawing countless tourists from around the world on an annual basis. For those who are planning on visiting this spectacular attraction, Celebration and its neighboring communities can serve as an excellent "base of operations" for ventures into Disney World. The official website of Walt Disney World is‎. Further information about admission prices, special discounts and current attractions can be found here.It's important to note that, due to the large popularity of Walt Disney World, travelers may experience heavy tourist traffic in Celebration and neighboring townsduring peak travel months.

The Bike Trails Of Celebration

Although Celebration and its neighboring communities are home to a number of luxurious resorts and entertaining tourist hotspots, the community also features a number of quaint, scenic bike trails that can prove to be the counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of the region's larger attractions. More information about the extended network of scenic trails in Celebration can be found in the city's local tourism bureau. For families, these beautiful excursions can be a family-friendly (and budget-friendly) addition to a larger vacation. The opening hours for these trails may vary depending upon the time of year travel is occurring.

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Getting There

Thanks to Celebration's close proximity to one of the nation's largest tourist attractions, Walt Disney World, there exist numerous opportunities for easy access into this resort community. For those who are traveling to the region via automobile, there are no shortage of highways that provide quick and easy access into and out of the area. Although some travelers may not qualify or be capable of driving an automobile in the United States, this particular method of travel is highly recommend, due in large part to the beautiful scenery surrounding Celebration nearby Kissimee. Celebration's close proximity to Orlando allows tourists interested in visiting the area to fly directly into the Orlando International Airport. Depending upon the time of year that visitors plan on arriving in Orlando, ticket prices may vary significantly. due in large part to the prominence of Disney World in tourism. Bus travel is also another suitable option, and visitors can embark upon cross-country trips to Celebration using any one of the major bus services in the country, such as Greyhound. Due to the relatively stable climate of the region, travelers should anticipate clear roads throughout the year if they are planning on driving. Although rain storms are a definite possibility, the chance of snow or ice is relatively non-existent.

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