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Woodside, old Irish neighborhood

Woodside is a town inhabited mainly by working class located in the extreme west of the district of Queens, in New York. The municipality is a mix between very quiet residential areas and other more lively areas with the appearance of a big city. In the middle of the XIX century the municipality was integrated mainly by citizens of Irish origin. Nowadays the town has grown and also the ethnographic diversity, but many features of the culture of Ireland can still be seen in Woodside. Despite having been part of a marginal neighborhood for some years, the safety and tourist appeal of Woodside has grown a lot since the late twentieth century and proof of this is that many of the best known actors and directors of the cinema have Settled in this neighborhood, including Francis Ford Coppola. The weather in Woodside is very extreme, with very hot summers and very cold winters. The time zone in which it is located is the GMT-5, the currency of use is the dollar.

Points of interests / things to see

Center of Contemporary Art PS1

The Contemporary Art Center PS1 is a division of the MOMA since 2000 and one of the must-sees in Queens. This museum focuses solely on contemporary art and encourages experimentation, which encourages the work of new artists. The artists take part in the exhibitions, which are presented in an avant-garde manner and with an academic focus, making the museum a center of ideas and discussion on the new trends of contemporary art. The museum performs 50 different samples a year, so you can visit the museum every time you travel to the city and you can always contemplate different works. The building also impacts and can be considered part of the experience. An old school renovated to turn the classrooms into galleries but still retains the essence, floors and stairs of an old primary school. To get to the museum you can take the line 7 subway to Courthouse Square or Line G to Van Alst Station. Address: 22-25 Jackson Ave with 46th Avenue, Queens, United States. Hours: JL 12: 00-16: 00. < br /> Price: 10 dollars. Free with MOMA ticket purchased less than a month ago. Phone: +1 (718) 784-2084 Website:;

-Corona Park

The Flushing Meadows Park has an area of ​​508 hectares, becoming the second largest park in New York City, and is located in the eastern section of the Queens neighborhood. This park was destined to the New York World's Fair in 1940 and 1964. After the celebration of the first fair, the buildings were used as the headquarters of the United Nations until their transfer to Manhattan. The New York State Building was transformed for the 1964 fair to host the pavilion of the city of New York. Still today you can see the scale model of the city of New York known as Panorama. Another interesting visit to the park is the Unisphere, the symbol of the 1964 exhibition. This metal sculpture represents the ball of the world and is surrounded by the jets of water from a fountain, which is currently the most important sculpture of the park. At Flushing Meadows you can also enjoy the shore of its two lakes, Lake Meadow and Lake Willow. And sports lovers can take advantage to visit the tennis courts where the US Open and Citi Field, New York Mets baseball stadium. To get to the park you can take the subway, the line 7 to stop 111 St or Millets Point.

The Museum of Moving Image

The Museum of Moving Image presents the history of cinema in a very special building, the former studio of Paramount Pictures. The museum was inaugurated in 1977 and presents everything behind the cameras of a film production and the evolution of the technologies that are used. The tour of the museum allows us to get an idea of ​​how the production and promotion of a film and some associated factors such as videogames are done. The technical part of the museum presents the gadgets that were used to film before the arrival of the cinematographer and all the subsequent evolution to reach the most modern devices that are used today with digital technology. There is another part that will delight lovers of the seventh art, the section dedicated to the objects used in movies. Among these objects are the wig used by Robert de Niro to shoot Taxi Driver, the body of Yoda or the head of Chewbacca. To get to the museum you can take the subway lines G, R and V to Steinway Street. Address: 35 Avenue with 37 Street, Queens, United States. Hours: MJ 10: 30-17: 00; V 10: 30-20: 00; S-D 10: 30-19: 00. Price: 10 dollars. Website:


Louis Armstrong lived in the neighborhood of Queens with his wife in a simple house that was transformed in 2003 into this museum that presents its history to all who visit it. This museum can only be visited with a guided tour that lasts 40 minutes and that starts at the time of the hour all the hours the museum remains open. The garden and one of the exhibition rooms can be visited freely without having to take part in the guided tour. In the museum you can listen to Armstrong recordings, tour the rooms where he lived, see photographs of the artist, letters, discs and the elements and instruments that he used in his performances. At first glance it may seem little, but the Armstrong marriage conserved some 1,600 recordings, 650 home recordings, 86 scrapbooks, 5,000 photographs, 5 trumpets, 120 awards and commemorative plaques and many other things that will delight of jazz lovers. Visitors are often surprised when they can listen to some of the unpublished recordings that Armstrong kept at home. Address: 34-56 107th Street, Queens, United States. Hours: M-V 10: 00-17: 00; S-D 12: 00-17: 00. Price: 10 dollars. Phone: +1 (718) 478 8274 Website:

Sunnyside Gardens

The gardens of Sunnyside have an extension of 1,608 square meters and were built between 1924 and 1928 following the movement that had begun in England at the beginning of the 20th century that aimed to build garden-cities by encouraging green spaces. In the garden there are some single-family or semi-detached houses and also some buildings built of red brick, affordable material for the inhabitants who settled initially in this area. These gardens were named in 1984 as Historic Site of the United States, thanks to the support they gave to the development of the area. Picnics can be done in the areas enabled for this in the garden but do not forget that they should be comply with a series of rules to prevent the abandonment and deterioration of green areas, such as the prohibition to use glass bottles, to play ball and the obligation to collect each garbage generated. To reach the gardens you can take subway line 7 until you reach 46 Street or 52 Street. Address: 48-21 39th Avenue, Queens, United States. Time: 10: 00-sunset. e-mail: Website:


Williamsburg is located between the Brooklyn and Queens neighborhood. This neighborhood is populated by Orthodox Jews who still preserve all traditions, visiting it is a perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures and away from ours. Anyway, in the neighborhood also live other cultures, religions and ethnicities that have made it a multicultural place with many artistic opportunities. In a visit to the neighborhood you should not miss the tour of the art galleries, a visit to the Brooklyn Brewery brewery and take a tour of all the gastronomic options it offers. From Woodside you can take the line M from the subway to the Hewest Street stop.


Manhattan is a stone's throw from Woodside, the perfect opportunity to set foot in the Big Apple and enjoy all the attractions that the city that never sleeps can offer. New York has fun for all tastes, but there are some visits that should never be missed, such as the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, the Metropolitan, the Statue of Liberty, a walk along Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Washington Square, the financial district and Broadway. From Woodside you can take the metro line M to get to Manhattan. Any stop once crossed the river can be good to visit the city.

Staten Island

A stay at Woodside is a good opportunity to visit Staten Island and enjoy its colonial buildings and the Historic Richmond Town, a small rural town that has been restored and you can enjoy its 17th century buildings. Another interesting visit in this neighborhood is Fort Wadsworth built in the seventeenth century by the Dutch as a defense of the city of New York from the attacks that arrived by sea. From Woodside you can take the metro line M to Broadway and there a bus from the X1 line to Staten Island.


Brooklyn is a neighborhood that is well known for the great cultural change it has undergone since the end of the 20th century, becoming a safe neighborhood with many cultural opportunities. A walk through Brooklyn Heights to tour the streets where famous people like Truman Capote lived is very rewarding, as well as getting close to the East River to get some of the best views of Manhattan. Prospect Park is often liked by more bohemian visitors, as it is a large park with a much wilder appearance than Central Park. The Brooklyn Museum of Art should not miss the visit either. From Woodside you can take the metro line E to Sutphin Boulevard and there a train from the Babylon line in the direction of Atlantic Terminal.

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How to get there ?

Woodside, very well connected

By airplane: JFK airport is the closest to Woodside. This international airport is one of the largest in the world, so it receives flights from practically all corners operated by airlines Iberia, Air France, Aer Lingus, United, American Airlines, Air China , Air Europa, Aeromexico, British Airways, US Airways, Japan Airlines, KLM, Lufthansa and many others. From the airport you can get to Woodside by taking the JFK Air Train to Jamaica Station and there a meter from the Port Jefferson line to Woodside, the journey takes approximately 40 minutes. The price of the journey on Air Train JFK is 5 dollars and the single underground ticket is 2.50 dollars. By road: 495 comes to Queens from the east and also © n continues to Manhattan in the west. In the city: the subway is the best option to move in Queens and New York City. The M line communicates with Manhattan. Keep in mind that there are some express lines that do not stop at all stations, they are faster but they may not stop at the station you are going to. You just have to observe well. The single ticket costs 2.50 dollars, but you can buy the MetroCard that costs 29 dollars and has 7 days validity without limit in travel.

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