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The city of Fort Worth is included to the state Texas and to the county Tarrant County

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Fort Worth, a travel destination to advise

In the heart of Texas is Fort Worth. This city is the fifth largest in the state and has become today a tourist destination of international renown. Thanks to its impressive number of museums, it is a city of undeniable cultural dynamism. Close to Dallas, it also has a large number of places to discover that will make you dream throughout your stay. Since its creation in 1849 on the edge of the Trinity River, the city has changed. Since the arrival of the railway, it has continued to develop to become today what it is: a large city with a very important cultural influence. So let yourself be tempted by this city of multiple charms and discover through these few lines all that it has to offer. If you spend a day in Texas, it's a must-see destination.

Points of interests / things to see

A cultural heritage of quality

If you go to Fort Worth, you will definitely not be able to pass by its many museums. The city counts many, and you will certainly spend long periods to visit them and to contemplate the magnificent works of art that they shelter. The Amon-Carter Museum, opened in 1961, is the work of renowned architect Philip Johnson. Its architecture is sumptuous and seeing the building, we only have one desire: to go inside and discover what it contains. In Amon-Carter, you will find American works of the XIXth and XXth century. The exhibition houses works by renowned artists such as Georgia O'Keeffe, Stuart Davis and Frederic Remington. In 2001, the exhibition space of the museum was enlarged by three and today it is an establishment of a rather impressive scale. On the ground floor, you will find the museum's original collection, ie 391 works by Remington and Charles Russell. Among these masterpieces are A Dash For Timber or In Without Knocking. The upper level contains temporary exhibitions just as rich in beautiful works. At this level, you will also be able to contemplate a collection of more than 230 000 photographs of various artists. talented such as Eliot Porter, Richard Avedon or Robert Adams. The visit of the Amon Carter museum will take you a long time and promises good times to contemplate magnificent and unforgettable works. Whether you're an art lover or not, you'll be impressed by Amon Carter's collection. You will get what you pay for, and this museum is a great testament to what the city can do best in terms of culture. And there are still many surprises. Smaller but equally interesting and rewarding, the Kimbell Museum of Art has a collection of very respectable quality. The architecture of the building is signed Louis Kahn and is the image of the museum: original and remarkable. The light in the building is surprisingly surprising and the result is very interesting. The exhibited collection will fill your eyes with works such as the Duke of Buckingham Rubens, dating from 1625, the bust of a young Jew Rembrandt painted in 1663 or still fruit, glass and apples of the world. ¨bre Cézanne. You will not miss to admire the garden of Daubigny of the talented and Van Gogh or Asian Matisse. Although the exhibition is of a relatively small size, each exhibited painting is magnificent. Some temporary exhibitions will also show you Assyrian sculptures as well as bronzes from the Ming period. So think seriously about visiting the Kimbell Museum of Art because it is well worth the trip. The Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art is another museum that has a great exhibition that will enchant you throughout the visit. Founded in 1892, it was moved in 2002. The current building is the work of Japanese architect Tadao Ando and is located near the Amon Carter Museum and the Kimbell Museum of the Arts. So you have no excuse and can chase the visits without pause for continued enjoyment. In this museum, you will find more than 3000 works by various artists such as Anselm Kiefer, Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock or the famous Picasso. These museums are absolutely inevitable if you spend a stay in Fort Worth as they are one of the main attractions of the city and testify to the cultural richness of the Texas city.

A historic district with traditions

The Stockyards National District has kept the atmosphere of the time of the conquest of the west. While strolling in this place, one makes a true leap in the past and one proves a satisfaction without equivalent. Few places offer total disintegration like this. For example, there is a sumptuous steam train reminiscent of the greatest Westerns. Western clothing stores will allow you to empty your wallet to bring back beautiful memories of this neighborhood. In the White Elephant Saloon that gives us the impression of being in a Lucky Luke album, you will see an impressive number of Stetson hats nailed to the ceiling by the guests, which is rather amusing. If you are interested in this particular period of US history, do not miss the Stockyard Museum. In a building formerly used for cattle trading, you will find an exhibition about the great moments of this unique era with a large number of ancient objects and photos.

Diverse and fun activities

Families will love to visit the Fort Worth Zoo. This zoo continues to grow and currently hosts more than 6,000 animals from all over Texas and the rest of the world. Divided into several parts, you will see a very large variety of animal species that will fascinate both adults and children. The World Of Primates will allow you to admire a large number of gorillas and other monkeys, while the space Thundering Plains or thundering plains for Francophones exposes bison and animals from the Great Plains. A space is also devoted to insects. The new exhibition, Texas Wild, covers an area of ​​2 hectares and recreates a clean natural environment in Texas. At the heart of the zoo, there is also one of the largest aquariums in the United States, which will delight lovers of animal species on the seabed. There is so for everyone and as long as you love the zoo, you will be absolutely delighted. The zoo is ideal for family visits and you can have a great time watching these fascinating animals. A visit to the zoo is perfect for relaxing and having fun after seeing the different museums that Fort Worth contains. The Fort Worth Botanical Garden is also a great place to visit. For a walk with family or couple. On more than 44 hectares, you will come across more than 2,500 endemic and exotic species. In April, its blooming rose garden offers a refreshing and magnificent show. The Japanese garden is also worth the trip with its waterfalls and carps koà © colors. The Greenhouse exhibition is home to a huge quantity of bà © gonias as well as a greenhouse of 930 m² is full of beautiful tropical plants. The botanical garden is full of surprises and promises a visit rich in sensations and pleasant smells. Do not miss next to Tarantula's visit. Its construction dates back to 1896 and is the oldest steam locomotive in the United States. It has been completely renovated and open to the public. Ride aboard this locomotive offers exhilarating sensations that give us the impression of being in an old western. The cars are Victorian and the cars are open. The construction is impressive and we wonder how we can still ride in a means of locomotion as old. So do not hesitate and climb for a leap into the impressive past. You'll understand, Fort Worth is a very interesting destination. Its cultural wealth is impressive and few cities in the United States can boast of offering museums of such high quality. In the middle of Texas, this city will offer you exceptional moments where you will be able to contemplate unique buildings and works of art. If you spend a stay in the United States and spend near Fort Worth, head to this city of multiple riches that will make you dream and make every moment unforgettable. It is thus a unique American city without equivalent on this great territory.

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Getting to Forth Worth

Fort Worth has the largest international airport in all of Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport serves most of the world's destinations and allows you to reach the city in record time. Otherwise, you will also find Fort Worth Alliance Airport and Fort Worth Meacham International Airport. So you will have no trouble getting to the city by plane. Once at the airport, you will obviously have shuttles available that will allow you to reach the city in record time. If you are in Dallas and want to take a short drive to Fort Worth, the Trinity Railway Express will allow you to reach the city in no time. The Heartland Flyer line runs from Fort Worth to Oklahoma City. You can also join other major American cities with the Texas Eagle. Public transportation in Fort Worth is well developed and you will move easily around the city. You will have no problem moving to Fort Worth and its surroundings, and everything is done to ensure that your stay is spent in the most wonderful way.

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